The heart murmur is quite common in many people, in fact, everyone has ever heard of this condition. A heart murmur is translated by a noise: the blood through the heart valves or through the blood vessels in the heart pushes the latter to issue an abnormal noise no resemblance to the regular rhythm normally produced by the heart.

This anomaly represents the breath producing beats because of a small mistake at the opening and closing of the valves of the heart; air moves pretty fast … this condition should be taken seriously because it can signal a future heart problem.

heart murmur

The heart murmur can manifest in two ways

  • Congenitally: at birth, and even is very normal in children, even if most of the time are treated by simple innocent murmurs that do not require more than a simple monitoring and control of its operation and its evolution.But sometimes, it may be a congenital problem: one of the two heart valves (these valves are like two doors that allow blood flow) does not operate normally, or has certain risks. That’s why regular monitoring is necessary.
  • For acquisition: It usually develops throughout life, especially in people over 50 years.

The most frequent causes

The causes of heart murmur, besides being congenital, may come from diseases or infections that leave traces on heart valves and cause a deterioration in their condition. Must learn to identify key factors: a previous infection, defective heart valves holes on the walls of the heart, fever, anemia, endocarditic, cardiac crisis that has left traces in the heart valves.

All this causes the valves, these doors preceding the entry into the heart, can not close properly and influence the flow of blood.


Good to know first that the innocent murmurs do not show significant symptoms, hence the need for a follow-up, because if they are not serious should watch them closely.

Abnormal murmurs offer certain symptoms. And to see it more clearly, these are the clues that will help diagnose a heart problem: fatigue, have veins very marked or dilated neck, have a color slightly bluish skin, especially at the back and the tip of the fingers, dizziness and fainting, chest pain, not hungry, bloated, have sweat at the slightest effort.

Did you know the problem of heart murmurs? Do you suffer from this problem? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, see your doctor ASAP!