The heart health is precious, that’s 10 rules to preserve it. Because too often the protagonist of this precious life being abused, more or less consciously, to bad daily habits and equally deleterious vices and bad habits. To try and prevent the onset of heart disease and cardiovascular disease, hypertension, infarction, better to follow the advice in this handbook.

1 No smoking

It is not big news. The cigarettes are the worst enemies of the health of the entire body, including the heart. So, there are discounts: you need to stop smoking , no ifs, and or buts.

2 Beware of fat

For the sake of the heart, better put in your habits only a limited amount of saturated fat, which should not exceed 10% share compared to the amount of daily calories.

3 No trans-unsaturated fats

be avoided completely, however, the trans-unsaturated fats, the margarine, solidified vegetable oils, because they are ultimately detrimental to the health of the arteries.


Just 4 rooms

Add salt sparingly . And, when you can, better to avoid it completely. The guidelines of the experts speak of 5g per day as a maximum quota is not exceeded.

5 Yes to the fibers

Green light to the fibers, allied health of the whole organism. Great protagonists of many meals, especially if you choose whole grains .

6 Green light for fruit and vegetables

Every day in the diet should be incorporated into several servings of fruits and vegetables, to really have a healthy diet and healthy, an ally of the heart and throughout the body.

7 Periodic checks

Effective prevention also passes, and most importantly, from medical checks periodically. To prevent heart health deteriorating, better to check out periodicals, at least annually, by the cardiologist .

8 Yes to fish

Consume one serving of fish at least twice a week may be a good idea. In particular, better focus on the variety of fish less fat and, if possible, choose often the bluefish.

9 Alcohol in moderation

It is not to demonize or to eliminate completely, but to moderate. A glass of fine wine does not hurt if you do not overdo it. In particular, the amount allowed is two glasses of wine a day for men and one for women.

10 Sport and Exercise

A physical activity moderate but steady is the perfect compromise to positively stimulate the heart and cardiovascular system without the risk of tiring. The advice is to go for a walk at a fast pace every day, or to engage in other physical activity, preferably aerobic exercise, at least two or three times a week.