The decrease in hearing loss, the decrease in ability to sense, the perception of sounds. A problem that may have several explanations. Several possible causes and consequences just as varied, ranging from discomfort to the difficulties in relation to the complete deafness. The symptoms that accompany this annoying eventuality ranging from localized pain to tinnitus, but we try to learn more and to understand also what are the treatments most appropriate.

hearing loss

The causes

The hearing problems, which can occur with varying degrees of hearing loss and difficult to perceive and recognize sounds and words, especially affect the elderly. According to official data suffer from these disorders one in three people over 65. In fact, among the causes most accredited is aging. The decline of hearing may also depend on: cancer, infections, inflammations and irritations, repeated exposure to sounds at high volumes, lacerations and trauma affecting the eardrum, brain damage and Meniere’s syndrome.

The symptoms

The symptoms, in addition to the more obvious that gives its name to the possibility and traces the unpleasant side dishes, namely the decline of hearing, ranging from pain localized, that if it is the fault of an infection or an inflammatory process may be accompanied also by the appearance of pus, redness and irritation, the presence of tinnitus , ringing in the ears that is, the sensation of plugged ears and dizziness, which occur especially when the cause of the problem is the Meniere’s syndrome.


After obtaining the diagnosis of the problem behind the fall of hearing due to a specialist, a physical examination and testing hearing, the most effective treatment is aimed at treating the underlying cause. Among the most effective medical need are the antibiotic treatment in case of infection, the surgery, in the presence of trauma or physical abnormalities, and hearing aids, to reduce the amount of discomfort and improve the ability of listening. The latest generation of hearing aids is becoming smaller and more powerful, efficient and easy to wear less conspicuously. If the fault is of Meniere’s syndrome, although there is no more effective resolving cure for the disease, you can control the most bothersome symptoms during acute attacks, as well as the lifestyle, even with the administration of certain drugs, such as hypertonic, diuretics and antihistamines in central effect.