Instead of a snowman and take leisurely walks through the winter woods to spend the winter days with a fever thermometer in your mouth and hot-water bottle in bed? This must not be. Strengthen your immune system for the coming “ice age”.

Harden off: If it’s stormy and snowy outside, water is comfortably warm balm for body and soul. Whether saunas, steam baths or cold showers the effect is the same: the change from warm to cold harden off, refreshes body and soul, stimulates circulation and brings your immune system in top form. Sauna and steam room are also picnic areas, where the heat is emotional and physical tension melts away easily. Out into the fresh air too, if it’s storming and snowing . a walk does not only your body but also your soul. And that’s another drug for your immune cells. Oxygen is the elixir of life for virtually all of our cells. If too little in our bloodstream, we are flabby, unfocused and listless.


Vitamins: Enjoy the fruits of the winter! Oranges, clementines, mandarins are full of the wonder weapon against cold viruses. So make your body into an impregnable fortress.
Plenty of sleep: sleep deprivation and stress weaken the body’s own defenses. Who avoids both have a better chance of getting any colds.

Skin care: In the winter quiet thick. The skin in the winter is particularly vulnerable. When the temperature drops, they reduced their fat namely production and makes it a plus-eight degrees from complete. 60 to 95 percent humidity is ideal for the skin. Despite rain and snow in the winter the air is drier than in summer. Heating Air Sahara also brings air in enclosed spaces. So that the skin does not wrinkle and dries up in record time, they now need a very careful nursing.

Cap: Sensitive people are prone to frequent headaches should always wear a hat in winter. Due to the cold stimulus, the thin muscles on the skull to contract spasmodically and cause pain. Heat and careful massages help to loosen up the muscle again.

A little drink makes it easy to viruses: This can prevent the common cold or flu-mucosal pathogens optimally, it must be moist always nice. And they are only with sufficient liquid (about two liters per day). But during the cold months, most people drink too much, since the thirst sensation is absent. A warm tea prevents this, however.

Vaccinate against influenza: the flu vaccination is recommended especially for people over 60 years for the chronically ill with asthma, cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure as well as for people who work in medical and nursing professions.