In summer salads are among the favorite dishes for both lightness and for the convenience. The variety of salads and many combinations and food combinations means that you can create some great choices from the nutritional point of view, let us see what the opportunities in our favor!

Salad Choice

The first choice in the composition of a beautiful and healthy salad is just. the salad! They come in many types, from the bitter rocket at the right point, Valerian with the famous characteristic tranquilizers, the crisp romaine lettuce until the curly. Each salad lends itself to give an original touch base on which we can explore with the addition of different ingredients to make it richer and more flavorful.


Salad can also be the result of our growing, with certainty, in this case, it really is organic! The urban gardens are having a great success and in fact are more and more loved by us citizens with the desire to return to the past! Raw foods Add to salad raw food allows you to make the most of the nutritional qualities, I am referring especially to other vegetable such as tomatoes, or grilled vegetables quickly as zucchini or eggplant. A mild sunburn will keep their features almost intact. The only trick in preparing the salad is the attention devoted to the washing of vegetables, especially if you just are consumed raw. Tropical fruit and nuts At our classic salad you can add fruit to make it not only more colorful but also richer .

For example, the nuts , such as almonds, pistachios and walnuts, source of vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids. This integration makes it possible to create a complete dish, as also will step up the protein content of the plant pot. Among the tropical fruits very good papaya and mango in the salad, giving an injection interest both lipid profile and in terms minerals. extra virgin olive oil and vinegar as dressing Select the extra virgin olive oil is definitely the best choice, I will take a proper point of view and especially lipid calories.

Always prefer the extra virgin, always read the label well. Since then add the ‘ vinegar , a choice of balsamic, red or white wine or apple, as you prefer! protein instead of meat and fish as an alternative alliteration calories and protein in the salad we could add the eggs, being careful not to overdo the amount, no more than 2 a week. Alternatively you could add diced ham or dried beef, perfect to give a great flavor and, especially in the case of dried beef, lean and very digestible. Herbs and spices instead of salt to flavor instead of salt do not forget to use herbs, especially cool because of the season. As counsel in my book Herbs home , they can be used for various purposes, both for therapeutic, both herbal and into the kitchen to give the right natural flavor to our dishes.