Beer is often frowned upon as a favorite beverage of the lower social strata, as Addict or fool-maker and not to forget, as the cause of the famous beer-belly. But by this point everything should be different. Beer is consumed in moderation, the authors promise a preventive effect against diseases of all kinds.

Beer is probably the classic among the alcoholic beverages. Everyone knows it, not everyone loves it and so many of us have to thank for the odd hangover the “cool blonde”. Beer is, however, cause according to the authors not only Vollräusche, headache, and the obligatory beer belly. In moderation, there should be an effective treatment for heart attacks, osteoporosis and kidney stones. A very good news for beer drinkers, as are therefore Pilsner, Wheat & Co. veritable fountain of youth for your body and mind. (Not to be confused with the enjoyment of the measure) on the consumption of beer in moderation, however, in many places explicitly. If you overdo it with the consumption of beer has a negative impact on all institutions and expect the brain.


Scientifically based theories of the authors bring the reader the subject of beer and health to a new, previously untapped way closer. The history of hop juice from ancient times to illustrate in the future, that beer has played in people’s lives has always been a big part, and this will continue in the future.

Beer as a health elixir

In general, beer drinkers are presented in this book as a healthier, fitter and more agile. Anyone who enjoys beer in moderation live healthier, longer and happier. The scientific studies that are quoted on the subject seem plausible.
Beer should therefore reduce the risk of kidney stones, heart attack, stroke and osteoporosis. Furthermore, it should contribute a positive effect on digestion and metabolism and increased concentration, performance and responsiveness.
Beer contains electrolytes, which is well known.

For this reason, it is highly appreciated by athletes, as promoted by the sweat electrolytes from the body and then “topped up” to be. It is, in addition to the athletes, however, revealed a new target group for which beer can be extremely useful: the vegetarian. The book is based on the statements of American vegetarians associations, should be that beer is the ideal supplements for meatless diet.Even more beauty and vitality promises to be a regular but moderate consumption of beer. Whether drunk, as a rinse for dull hair or in the form of a Bierbads, beer seems to be a veritable panacea.

Conclusion: A compact guide on the topics of health and beer. Right at the beginning of an important issue is addressed: the book is about the consumption of beer in moderation and should not constitute an excuse for excessive drinking without bounds. The positive effects of preventive and develop only under the condition of the minimum amount. All the theories and statements are carefully worded and scientifically proven. The book is extremely clear, the chapters are kept short and concise and the content is informative and easy to understand.