When it comes to snacks and treats, the temptation is all around us at Christmas. Here are some options to munch on something, certainly in a healthy way.

Healthy Christmas snacks is very important for health. At Christmas we have, for obvious commercial reasons and the regional tradition of large food temptations to watch out for and where to look, as it is possible, to resist, since it should be to the detriment of our diet. So what to do to unravel this tangle of mouth-watering recipes? For example, choose the healthier snacks and healthy could be a great idea.

Celebration with drink with friends during the Christmas holidays often you have guests at home and snacks on offer could be very high in calories. What to choose an alternative? For snacks choose the dough and prevent the pastry means consuming fewer calories and more dietary products: a roll of puff pastry has about 620kcal, two sheets of dough instead have only 80kcal! And if you avoid using in a pie sausage, but you choose the poem lean, here you can still see off the calories. Same thing with regard to the use of yogurt instead of butter or low-fat milk instead of whole milk. ‘re all little tricks able to bring down the calories very easily!


Very nice to be presented and really low-calorie is also the tree Christmas vegetarian. Menander friends? A good snack can for example be represented instead by a calorie snack from a small bowl of popcorn prepared at home, or a healthy salad. views then it’s time to snow, with the first cold street corners sprouting chestnuts, good, healthy, and above all low fat! Let’s see below some idea of snacks suitable for a snack or as a snack for a drink, if you want to copy. ‘ll find both healthy ones is hidden in the middle, the most calorie is up to you to discover them on the basis of reported calories. Good hunting!