In order for the holidays with our neighbors will not be tarnished, some preparations are not on the health importance.

Recommended vaccinations

The Health City of Vienna (MA 15) recommends, among other things to check, at least four weeks before the planned trip to their vaccinations. Generally, the standard vaccinations according to the Austrian vaccination schedule, especially tetanus and diphtheria is recommended. The decision as to which vaccinations are advisable, in the end of the current risk of infection site, the type and duration of planned travel, health status and existing vaccines dependent. Vaccination requirements for entry are not available.


Infection risk in Italy and Slovenia

In diseases, of whom one can not be protected by vaccination, the only option to avoid known dangers.From insect bites you can best protect themselves by repellent sprays and mosquito nets. Insects to spread many diseases, protection against bites is an important infection prevention. Lightweight long-sleeved blouses and shirts and long pants made of linen also help. Food and beverages are among the most common sources of infection . Forgo tap water, ice cream and salad and eat fruits and vegetables unless you can peel it before eating themselves. Are also avoided mayonnaise, raw vegetables, raw or undercooked meat, raw fish and uncooked shellfish, and ice cream, custard and cream. Even for brushing teeth should only boiled water or bottled water may be used. Although rivers, lakes or ponds look refreshing in the area, there is a risk of developing serious infections. Swimming is therefore recommended only in clean sea water or chlorinated swimming pools. Animals can also transmit serious diseases. After a bite injury must be investigated without delay by a doctor.

First aid kit

A small first aid kit in the trunk should not be missed. The purchase of drugs is difficult due to other drug names, both in Italy and in Slovenia. Even the description of the complaints by the language barrier. Many medications are also available as ours without a prescription and no prescription from a doctor. Important in the first aid kit are medicines for diarrhea, fever and pain pills and wound dressings including disinfection. Not to forget are medications that must take the traveler all the time! Since traveling to Italy and Slovenia held mainly by car insurance premiums by motorist clubs not a bad choice. The two main clubs offer motorists vehicle-related services such as insurance.

¤ Fahrzeugruckholdienst in Austria and abroad
¤ game damage assistance in Austria and abroad
¤ Replacement of axis extension abroad
¤ Customs and scrapping aid abroad
¤ Towing in Austria and abroad
¤ roadside assistance abroad


Infants and young children are increasingly at risk to health when traveling. Particularly diarrhea with high fluid loss caused by infections or allergies can be dangerous for small children. Even before the strong sunlight in the southern countries, it is important to protect infants and young children in conformity with visits to the shade, suitable clothing and a high sun protection factor for the skin.