Heart and Heart and the National Association of congenital heart (ANCC) mobilize February 14, 2012 to raise awareness of heart disease

Sandrine Dalverny for a volunteer engaged in the fight against congenital heart disease, “The public is not sufficiently informed and aware” these cardiac malformations that affect, in France, 0.8 in 100 births.” Whence the many advocacy incurred in connection with the February 14, the day of Saint Valentine. Faced with this, the French Society of Cardiology offers a national awareness campaign to encourage patients to maintain their heart surgery. “Your heart will continue to beat “encourage the French to get involved in the network of expert centers Congenital heart defects complexes (M3C) for a specialized medical supervision.

This campaign will run in the waiting rooms of many health professionals, but also via internet video. A practical guide will also be offered to patients to inform them about the disease. Number azure “accessible to all is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 11:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00 and is provided by volunteers from the Alliance the heart.


Two associations to the forefront of

There are two associations to assist parents of children and adults with congenital heart disease (CC): Heart and Heart and the National Association of congenital heart (ANCC).

6 500 to 8 000 babies who died of congenital heart disease in France

Congenital heart disease (CC) affects 0.8 births out of 100. This is a global average that varies very little from one country to another. In France, it is 6 500-8000 baby per year, one third require surgery during their first months of life (because the CC does not allow the child to survive). According to Sandrine Dalverny, “There are 30 or 40 years, only 20% of children reached adulthood today, thanks to advances in cardiac surgery is 90% that succeed them. But cardiac surgery is particularly invasive surgery, the heart will never be repaired as a heart like a” normal “, as stated elsewhere awareness campaign explained here by a pediatric cardiologist: “For parents, the announcement of the CC of the fetus or baby is very painful. Speaks is so little that these CC we feel a special case, if our children will bear the brunt of maneuvers not yet experienced.”

One of the leading causes of infant mortality

Some other information are too often ignored by the general public: the heart is the organ that is most often malformed (more common than cleft palate or club feet). The CC is also the leading cause of infant mortality (it is even possible that some sudden infant deaths is actually undiagnosed CC).