India is traditionally the land of yoga and meditation. Exercise and diet to look healthy, makes life happier.

All the stages of yoga is a science that reveals multiple appearances of great use for life. Nobody wants to get sick, but the lack of care of our bodies we are mostly responsible. weight control , strength, vitality and the possibility of a longer life and full health are the natural results of this method or system. Mind and intelligence are very difficult to control, so admirable meditation offers a way to run our subtle body’s own purposes. It comes from the world’s oldest culture in India .

The right decision

The human being is more than just a material composed of various atoms. And it has a spiritual energy. Yoga practice helps to develop all these physical and spiritual strength, gaining complete control over the mind and senses. In time of great turmoil, we must develop self-control. Yoga is a way to get our body to stop hurting. Get the necessary forces, in a wonderful process, full of pleasant surprises. A road that leads to the deeper regions of being.


Operation of yoga

By practicing some exercises and regulating breathing, relaxes the body and mind, this process of yoga purifies the blood, nerves and various organs. Thus, the concentration is provided for the development of any activity. Meditation helps us to control the mind and reducing stress, increasing self-control, simplicity and pure thoughts. The changes obtained by yoga are natural and long root. Yoga offers many new opportunities to improve and regulate our health.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a knowledge that purge our body and mind, freeing us from all disturbances. Can awaken in us feelings of light and happiness, to strengthen our personal and professional relationships. It teaches us to control our senses and our mind impatient, and bring us into harmony with the Universal Laws, better managing energy. The yogic discipline also instructs us to see others with eyes of love.

How, where and when to practice yoga

The best results are obtained when practiced on an empty stomach or taking only fruit juice or herbal tea. The clothes in the practice of yoga should offer freedom of movement. Nothing should press the body. The body needs time to adjust to the discipline. The exercises should always performed slowly and controlled breathing. If the practice is done regularly, the positive effects increase. The exercises are performed in a place where nothing can divert or entertain the mind of the practice. Ideally, we prefer the carpeted floor. Most yogis practice their exercises early in the morning. The best time to practice yoga is before or at dawn, before we are filled with thousands of responsibility.

The importance of breathing

Breathing is extremely important in each of the exercises. With proper oxygenation of the body, develop all physical potentials. The first step in the path of yoga is to become aware of breathing. It is important to learn to breathe slowly, see how the air enters the lungs, and how to empty when you exhale. It is very important to breathe slowly and deeply as possible. Life is measured by a given amount of breaths.

The exercises and practice

With constant practice, the muscles are relaxed, thus facilitating the development of exercise. The practice should be carried out in the morning, as early as possible. Seek a well ventilated place where there is no dust or odor, and if possible, a place where there are trees. It is very important not to push too hard the body, the risk of a tear of a muscle. Endeavor, but not excessively stretch the muscles. Each movement must be done in a harmonious way. Do not forget the importance of breathing. We must remain aware of this in each of the exercises.


We are taught to breathe . Develops in us the harmony, the foundation of the process of yoga. Increase our ability to concentrate. Expands the capacity of the lungs, flexible waist and muscles. Eliminates and prevents stomach and abdominal ailments. Reduces excess fat in the abdomen and improves digestion. Flexible spine. Increases our physical and spiritual balance, increases our ability to breathe, increase our coordination, reduces constipation, develops our concentration. Exercise the optic nerve and eye muscles. Relax your neck muscles, which is stretched excessively during the day (the nerves that connect the brain and other parts of the body pass through this area). Enables the removal of gases from the stomach and intestines. Prevents neuromuscular disorders or bone fractures. Yoga is a system of total human formation, which aims to control the body and vital energy, to eliminate physical barriers to spiritual energies. Yoga is not an end in itself but a means to fulfillment.