Vegetarian cuisine should not be heavy nor monotonous. This is a fairly healthy food that helps us to stabilize weight and blood pressure

It therefore seems clear that in principle vegetarian cooking is healthier than other food. Excessive consumption of salt, sugar and animal fats has increased dramatically the incidence of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Meat and fish contain proteins that are essential to health and therefore it is necessary that people who want to wear a vegetarian looking for foods that can replace these proteins. Of whole grains and dried fruit are fully recommended. These high fiber foods do not contain saturated fats which are those who harm us. In fact the majority of vegetarians in addition to his diet of milk, eggs and cheese.

What constitutes the regime egg-lacto-vegetarian?

It consists of four major food groups: grains, fruits and green vegetables, dried fruits and vegetables and eggs and milk derivatives. If every meal you eat a piece of each group, the nutritional needs at all levels are fully agreed. To give relief to the dishes we use all types of herbs and spices, as the naturally fermented soy sauce from soy beans and wheat, called Tamari and a paste made of sesame seeds: the Tahini used to flavor sauces and soups.


Benefits of vegetarian cooking

Vegetarian cooking contrary to what many people think should not be heavy nor monotonous. It’s true we must use a little more time and a good mix of greens and vegetables and cereals, but it is well worth it. Olive oil is an essential part of the system by its high content of vitamins A, E and K that help to maintain clean arteries of cholesterol and skin well hydrated. Eat only plant a few days in the week, is always an option that everyone can choose according to his needs and his desire. In all cases, our system needs a limitation of animal fats and a greater intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, our health will improve and succeed in stabilizing our weight and our blood pressure.

Fruit juices in vegetarian cuisine

And it is not only to eat vegetables and fruits, we also have fruit juices that we provide vitamins and minerals essential for life, without them our body can not metabolize or grow normally. Luckily, green vegetables, fruits, cereals and pulses provide us with sufficient quantities. Every minute of the day our body makes a hard job choosing and enjoying the vitamins and minerals needed for proper operation. When we deprive nutrients it needs, it makes up by taking them to other parts of our body. Over time this action produces disease. Fresh juices bring to our body of vitamins and minerals, saving a portion of the digestive process which is a faster assimilation. The added benefit is that the juices in addition to feeding low in calories and they help us to reduce weight in full health.