Several researchers argue the fatness does not have an effect on your health for all time when you are in form, which means that the heart and lungs are physically powerful. On the other hand national campaigns such as the progress we focus on exercise for health with no an exact focus on weight loss. However, for persons who are obese, weight loss may be more important to your overall health to focus on fitness. In fact, the evidence shows that the exercise by itself alone is not an effective way to lose weight. On the opposing, effectual weight, loss is all in what you eat but it has to also include the exercise.

Health and fitness information

As family physicians, we see fat patients who have heard the message of just be fit and added the 10-15 minute walk from your every day routine or bought a Fitbit to monitor your physical activity. We applaud these efforts. However, for many obese people, the message that physical action is only more significant than weight control is useless but it is also not true. When it comes to health and well-being waist size can matter more than fitness. In addition, of course for most people fatness is linked to fitness information since excess weight can make the exercise harder.

How fitness and fatness are connected?

Multiple studies have examined fitness and obesity as two separate entities because they are it seems that separate concepts one measures what as well your heart and lungs to provide oxygen to the muscles work, while the other is a gauge of your height and weight. However, measures of fitness and fatness are both influenced by the weights. Because of the shape of fitness is calculated for two people with the same energy of oxygen transfer weight typically means lower fitness. Similarly what the researchers say is in fact index fatness of BMI (BMI), a measure of body fat based on height and weight. People are often surprised of what is considered normal weight.

Strictly speaking, obesity does not mechanically mean that they are fit. There are obese people that run every day and then there are thin people who could not run a mile for their lives. An individual muscle can also be considered obese, because muscle weighs more than fat and be in great shape. However, these are exceptions, not the rule. Studies show that when someone is classified as obese the probability of their method of being is very low. Therefore, in our society, obesity is still usually means lower fitness.

The fat makes it not easy to get better the physical condition

For persons who are obese, focusing on weight loss it is a better place to start that merely focuses on fitness. That is why the additional weight can make it more difficult to move, and therefore more difficult to exercise. Obese people often have difficulties to exercise due to the size of the body, limited mobility and pain in the joints. Physiologically, it is more hard for an obese person who does the same amount of exercise as a healthy weight because of the spare weight to carry. Heavier people require more oxygen to do the same exercise as a healthy weight.