Suffering a broken collarbone is usually an unpleasant experience, especially because a fractured collarbone is usually very painful. A broken collarbone is one of the most common types of fractures. The clavicle is prone to breaking because of a fall on the shoulder, hand or arm. When some of these falls occur, excessive pressure is exerted on the collarbone causing it to fracture or break.

You will need to:

  • 1 sling
  • 1 harness as eight
  • Ice packs
  • Pain medications



The clavicle is a bone that extends horizontally above the sternum and shoulder blade, helping to connect the arm with the rest of the body. A bone can easily be noticed as well that can be felt by touching the area extending between the neck and shoulder. As a first step of treatment, the doctor will to put you in a sling which function is to maintain the fixed arm, helping keep the shoulder immobilized. During the first week, keep your arm and shoulder immobilized, helps the clavicle bone to begin healing, the bone being welded thanks to the absence of movement. Also at this time it is advisable to consume any medicine for pain, which are often prescribed directly by the specialist.

Proceeds to apply an ice pack during the first stage of the healing process after fracture of the clavicle, as the ice is ideal to reduce swelling and thus relieves pain. During the recovery period, it is necessary to make periodic visits to the doctor specialist, as the will monitor the evolution of the fracture and can check which part of the healing process is the collarbone, thus making different recommendations as you heal the collarbone.

Elapsed after the first week, your doctor will recommend replacing the sling for a harness with a figure eight. This new device is placed around the shoulders under the arms between the shoulder blades can be adjusted and thus improves posture torso facilitating proper recovery of the clavicle. The period of use of eight harnesses may vary all depending on the severity of the fracture. If you feel anxious to remove, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor to find out what the status of your collarbone although generally the use of this device can be extended from two to three weeks.

Eat properly during the healing period trying to eat foods such as meat, milk, vegetables and legumes. By doing this, your body will have the necessary amounts of protein, vitamins, iron, calcium and minerals necessary for the body to heal well. Total bone repair usually takes a little over a year, so it is advisable that while the pain persists, you avoid lifting or moving excessively. The ease of movement will be progressively noticeable and can perform normal activities slowly, this happening after the first 6 months.