Here are some suggestions that help fight against headaches in pregnant women. Solutions to discuss with her doctor.

If the mother is usually prone to headaches, being pregnant can make things worse. When you are pregnant and you suffer from headaches it is important to consult a healthcare professional before all, to diagnose correctly. Some headaches or headaches, are among the disadvantages of pregnancy and are relatively common and normal, but other headaches can be a symptom of more serious problems, such as pregnancy-induced hypertension.

Medications and Pregnancy

Experts do not know exactly why pregnancy can cause headaches. The hormonal changes experienced by the organism involved probably as changes in blood pressure. It is best to consult a health care professional to assess whether it is advisable to take certain drugs against pain, such as paracetamol or aspirin in case of headaches during pregnancy. Indeed, even some medications that do not require prescriptions can be harmful during pregnancy. It is important to know the correct dosage and duration of treatment.


Headaches and Pregnancy

Migraine is a different phenomenon some experts say it is due to a dysfunction of brain blood vessels. These head pain sometimes accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light, noise and odors. When the health professional to confirm that the headaches were not caused by hypertension, the following symptoms should be checked:

* Inflammation of the sinuses
* Stress
* Fatigue
* Dehydration
* Irregular meals
* Hormonal adjustment
* Diseases

Pregnancy often causes congestion and pressure in the sinuses and this is one of the main reasons for headaches. An adequate intake of fluid is essential during pregnancy and dehydration is often a source of headaches.


Simple and approved by your health care professional are available:

* Massage
* Cold compress on the forehead
* Sit in a dark room
* Take a warm bath or shower
* Acupuncture


Some symptoms that accompany the headache should be monitored and report to his doctor:

* Swelling of the face, hands, fingers and / or eye
* Blurred vision, spots before your eyes
* Sudden weight gain (more than 5kg in a week during the second and third quarter)

Headaches are often a nuisance in the first quarter and disappear when the other quarters.