Basic needs such as eating, sleeping or just breathing, become arduous tasks for people living with fear.

No one is safe in the first person to suffer the consequences of harassment. are many and varied forms it has but all share the same consequences in the mind of the sufferer. People who use the fear to impose their ideas often use a number of techniques that leave indelible dent on its victims in many cases, will accompany the rest of their lives.

The lie

They create their own reality, based on a string of lies that makes people empathize with them, and come to understand their situation, falling into the networks of their lies.


Proposed benefits people will do what they want. Often, we fall into their clutches and ends up succumbing to his advances.


They strive to inculcate the false notion that if you’re good with them, will protect you.


The most powerful feeling to shatter the person concerned, who feels guilty and bear the full weight of what is happening, feeling that should help the person being manipulated.


The order

When you understand that the person have questions, or decide to end their suffering taking any decision, they use all the power you are giving orders and threatening. Experts conclude that the happiness in people is the absence of fear.Living in fear makes people come to lose their own identity in the interests of the panic that once established in their lives, it is very difficult to redirect. Crisis situations such as those living today makes empaticemos more with people and let ourselves be deceived by those who show us the reality of life so that they feel victims of the system, but not always the case.

Guided by concepts such as solidarity or compassion, they are helping it hosts in our homes as best as possible, not knowing that within days, weeks or months will be they who organize our lives making use of threats or humiliation.Nobody is safe from being bullied . People who suffer the consequences of fear do so in silence. Are closed in themselves, and not let anyone know what is happening. They do not want to worry their loved ones who continue submitting to cancel their dignity. We must rely on loved ones out of a vicious circle that is very difficult to avoid.

Once outside, the fear remains very present in the day to day, and makes everyday activities become the worst ordeal.Leaving Fear Behind is very complicated and often, people learn to live with it. But until they can overcome that emotion so treacherous, may not be happy. Be very cautious and avoid any situations involving harassment situation in all its forms. Because the damage it causes in people who suffer is so great that in many cases, will accompany the rest of their lives.