The contraceptive pill is a method to prevent pregnancy and regulate women’s menstrual cycles based on a combination of hormones: estrogen and progestin. These pills are taken orally and, once digested the hormonal load passes into the blood, from where it spreads throughout the body. Among the effects of birth control pills on the woman’s body is the fact that they prevent the ovary from producing eggs, which prevents fertilization.

birth control pills

First we must tell you that you should never take a medication that has not been prescribed by a doctor, often believing that we will achieve certain effects by taking a drug we end up worsening our state and putting our health at risk. As we have already told you, birth control pills are made up of two types of hormone; Estrogen and progestin, two elements that a woman’s body produces naturally.

The male body also produces these two hormones, without going any further, progestin is indispensable for the formation of testosterone and with estrogen sperm develop, but the amount is much lower than in the case of women. At the point we may ask, what happens if a man takes birth control pills? What effects would hormone change have on your body?

With the hormonal burden of two pills there is not enough to alter male hormone levels, however, if you take them regularly in a continuous way over time yes that could have some effects. The following would mainly happen:

  • The breasts would increase in size.
  • The testicles would shrink.
  • Sexual desire would be reduced.
  • Decreased facial hair
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • The fat would pass from the thighs, hips and buttocks.

Erection problems

In addition, there would be other side effects such as increased risk of prostate cancer or hyperplasia in the same organ. Although it is likely to lower the risk of a heart attack, prevent acne and can prevent hair loss, none of this will supplement the health problems such as the risk of blood clotting and the reduction in insulin sensitivity.

Hormone to be female

Another question to ask would be why a man would want to take birth control pills. The fact is that some people believe that taking these pills can make a man look more feminine. If you want to hormone to get feminine traits there are medically safe and effective ways to do it without having to take these pills.

You should visit a doctor and a therapist with whom you can agree on a hormonal treatment suitable for your specific case. They will help you carry out hormone replacement therapy the pharmacological technique used by transgender and transgender people who want to change their assigned sex.

With this therapy, it is possible to develop the secondary sexual characteristics of the desired gender avoiding many of the side effects that would have to take birth control pills. As in the case of the pill, hormone replacement therapy contains estrogens and progestins; however, the main difference is in anti-androgens a type of hormone that inhibits the action of male hormones, which gives them a degree Security and efficiency.

What happens if a man takes the pill the day after?

The case of the morning after pill, also known as post-day, is different from that of birth control pills. Unlike the previous ones, this is a single pill or two with a much greater hormonal load reason why the effects could be more immediate.

  • If a man took it, he would surely suffer a picture of:
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Muscular fatigue
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Sensation in the breasts

Pain in the abdomen

In no case should a man take the pill the day after, because if in the case of women, for whom this thought and tested, already supposes a strong hormonal alteration, in the case of men can be much more noticeable.