The method of mini-punch is a practice of hair transplants. It is reported in the case where mechanical with the strip can be directed to the patient. The grafts are immediately removed with a mini-punch two mm in diameter with a cutting head and raised on an electric motor. Hundreds of mini-grafts assembled from five to eight hair are taken.
The technique of mini-punch takes place in three phases:

1. The contribution of slips:

Here we must catch the grafts at the crown with a mini-punch slice tortuous walking with electrical mechanics. The part of the hairy leather is first bored to support the action. The grafts are kept in solution by providing the implant. sixty minutes, six hundred grafts are removed, releasing a delicate imprint on the sampling zone.


2. The preparation of the removed part:

During this phase of thirty minutes, the bald area is set up to acquire the operation of the hair transplant by a punch of 1.5 mm in diameter, and then plant the grafts. In particular, the small pieces of leather are eliminated. To retain the dermal vasculature, it is essential to separate the openings. It is possible to dent two mm wide in the scalp skin to prevent regression of leather.

3. Fixing:

It is during this stage that the plugins are installed on the cleaned area with pliers. Depending on the situation, the grafts (mini or micro) are deposited in the cylindrical entries or dermal entail lions. For the establishment of six hundred grafts intrusion takes 2 hours. At the end of the operation, a pad is mounted on the input space and the graft surface, to be kept for 24 hours. Three days at the end of the initiative, the patient can complete its first shampoo. Pressure ulcers that appear can stay for eight to ten days at most. This technique of Hair Transplants admits growth grafts after 90 days at the end of surgery, thus giving delivery to small bouquets from May to August hair.