The hair loss in women, a problem more common than you think. The balding, in fact, goes to the female also declined, not only for men. It can be a seasonal disorder, a physiological consequence of the change of season, in spring and autumn, but it can also be a disorder itself, with consequences on the hair much more evident. Here is some useful information on the causes, the power and natural remedies.

Poor nutrition

More than food culprits, there are bad habits to the table, which, aided some nutritional deficiencies , may favor the appearance of baldness. Lack of iron, for example , often linked to a diet low in animal protein (such as vegetarians). The iron has a role to be reckoned with in the growth and health of hair: through the blood and oxygen to reach the bulb, which nourishes the root of each hair. Other substance to keep under control the copper, which protects the body from free radicals that weaken the hair.


The other causes

The treatments to the hair too aggressive. Stains, discoloration, dyes and the like, especially if you rely on an expert in the field, could, with time to cause allergies and irritation that weakens the hair roots, promoting the fall. The Board, therefore, is to avoid risky experiment with colors and home-made, frequently stressing the hair.
The way of life , even when it comes to the beauty of hair, affects a lot. Bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol, but also the stress are likely to reduce the blood supply to the scalp, negatively interfering with the oxygenation of the hair (if you get less blood gets less oxygen). As if that were not enough, increase the amount of free radicals, substances that cause premature aging of all cells, including hair.

After giving birth , out of the grace period for the hair lived during the nine months, there may be a marked hair loss, due to the decrease of estrogen , particularly tetracycline (a substance produced by the placenta that dilates blood vessels and thus promotes increased blood supply to the tissues, stimulating the growth of hair, nails and hair).
Menopause complicit Progressive changes Dell advises female hormone, is considered a common cause of hair loss.
In addition to the causes of thinning hair already stated, there are a number of specific disorders, characterized by hair loss: the especial areata , with patches or rounded solaria, and hair loss telegenic , with a massive hair loss that occurs in a significant period of time.

The cures and natural remedies

In case of problems themselves, better check with your doctor the most effective therapeutic approach, which goes by the administration of drugs, health hormonal treatments to the laser . In other cases, here is some helpful advice and some natural remedy. Wash your hair thoroughly using a mild, with a pH between 5 and 7.5, taking care to rinse for a long time, with care and pat dry with moderate heat, keeping the hair dryer at a distance. Better protect your hair from the water of the sea and the sun, which increases the possibility of cell death.

Among the most effective natural allies in order are: the colostrum, the first milk produced after birth, rich in anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial factors, available as a lotion to be applied on a daily basis; the extract of Serena repents, available as a homeopathic product pharmaceutics high-dose and suitable for all forms of hair loss to stimulate their growth; l forage oil is useful because it is rich in gamma-Olenolin acid, a panacea to strengthen the hair.