To grow long, healthy hair requires effort. Hair grows, on average, 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) per month. Although this measure depends on heredity, diet, how well you care for your hair and your overall health. A healthy scalp leads to strong hair. The home remedies for hair growth have a long history. Using just a few simple steps to your daily routine capillary, you will notice the hair grow.

hair grow

Massage into the scalp

Hair follicles need nutrients to grow healthy hair. One of the best ways to bring more nutrients to the scalp is with a massage. Massage increases circulation and brings more blood to the hair follicles. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients. Al crouch, you can bring more blood to the head. Once in this position massage the scalp, gently kneading the skin with your fingers. A one-minute massage once or twice a day can improve circulation and stimulate the scalp.

Use stimulating scalp

Another way to stimulate the scalp with essential oils, highly recommended by herbalists. Essential oils are to invigorate the hair on the scalp and render it warm and active. This indicates that more blood flows. The book “Grow your hair in 12 Weeks” by Riquette suggests basil oil, lavender oil, nettle oil and rosemary oil as particularly beneficial for hair growth . Basil oil is the best oil to use, but is also the most expensive and often difficult to obtain. Many of these oils are found in stores food natural or herbal, both online and offline. Use essential oils in the scalp when washing hair. Apply a few drops of an oil or combination of oils. Massage the oil into the scalp. Leave it for an hour or overnight. Then wash and condition hair as usual.

Keep your hair clean

Wash hair with shampoo regularly is important for healthy hair growth. If dirt, oil and dead skin cells build up on the scalp and clog the hair follicles, it is more difficult for the hair to grow. Using a shampoo for your hair type, oily, dry or normal, it is important for the scalp hair. With the wrong shampoo you can remove necessary oils or add more oil to an already oily scalp. It is also important to condition the hair. Many protein conditioners are made or balm. Both substances make the stronger and less prone to breaking hair. Conditioners also make the hair more manageable by eliminating tangles and smoothing the hair, reducing breakage, helping hair to grow. Wash your hair once or twice a week. If you have the scalp and very oily hair, you may need to shampoo every day. The hair and scalp clean promote faster hair growth.