Laziness and cellulite are often excellent allies. Women with a very sedentary lifestyle, whether thin or fat, tend to be more orange peel on legs, side b, abdomen, sometimes on the arms. This imperfection should be considered not only from the aesthetic point of view, even though perhaps most annoying, but also from the doctor. The body speaks to us and tells us that something is wrong, so do not you just use some tricks to hide cellulite, but should be treated in a meaningful way. To be able to see each other feel good and beautiful, we begin to slightly modify the power, following a diet to combat cellulite, consuming less packaged products, sausages and ready meals.


Let us dedicate ourselves to the pleasure of cooking healthy and limit the doses of salt, which causes fluid retention. A breakdown of the ‘ water , it is true that drink at least 1.5 liters per day allows you to purify and eliminate water retention. Finally, the movement : who does not love the sport it is useless to be forced to do grueling training sessions, returning to the gym for the dress rehearsal or both give the race without actually knowing how to properly correrre, with the risk of doing more harm than good. Why not try some simple gymnastic exercise at home? It ‘s free, does not give time restrictions, you can do alone or with friends, with your favorite music or without, in short, is the best way to reconcile the movement to your needs.

To get an idea of how to get organized, these are some useful exercises to reduce cellulite that you can do at home . legs and buttocks are the body parts most subject to accumulation of fat and skin blemishes. We keep the skin elastic and firm muscles by doing these exercises in a standing position. The lifts front and rear exterior will serve to shape thighs and calves without swelling the muscles, but calling them. We follow the positions of the images, by using small weights (or two half-liter bottles) for balance out and moderately to work the muscles of the chest and arms. For each exercise count 20 movements in leg, alternating, for 3 sets.

Between each set rest and loosen the muscles for 30 seconds. Let us now turn to the floor exercises, which will include most of the buttocks and even your abs. We start from the outside thigh and buttock, maintaining the position with his arms on the ground, then moved to improve balance and stability with lifting the rear leg and the opposite arm. Finally, in the supine position, legs sforbiciamo raising an arm, alternately, to challenge even the abdominal external. You can find more targeted exercises for the abdominal muscles also here: Exercises for flat stomach . As before, for each exercise count 20 movements in leg, alternating, for 3 sets.

Between each set rest and loosen the muscles for 30 seconds. To stimulate the muscles of the arms and chest, you can use the elastic, following this tips: Toning exercises with elastic bands . Or experiment with other Tipi Training: How to get toned arms . These exercises will steal less than an hour and if you do them 3 times a week, alternating with the brisk walking, you will see the results by the end of the second week. Worth a try!