You suffer from recurrent headaches? And if your eyes needed a little gym?

Reading, working on PC solicits our eyes in a way that is not natural. Indeed the compound eye muscle needs movement. Like any other muscle they need to practice and become stronger. They ensure the convergence which allows good binocular vision. Yes but now the front pages of a book, the computer screen, your eyes do not work, tired easily, and the focus is no longer as well. The first symptoms appear.


Headaches occurring after reading the next morning or have to think about the occurrence of such problems. Very often the eyes begin to sting with the impression that the lines get tangled. Dizziness may occur. This means your ability to squint for proper accommodation of the eye is initiated. Your eyes need a little gym. It is time to consult.

Who to consult?

Make an appointment with an ophthalmologist. He checks in with a pencil on which it asks you to exercise your eyes as your eyes have many difficulties to converge and they need a little gym. It prescribes a number of sessions to do at an orthoptist, 10 to 20 on average depending on your difficulties. The sessions are reimbursed by Social Security. However beyond 20 sessions must put their hands in the pocket.


The orthoptic

To plan the number of gym sessions for your eyes, at the first consultation, the orthoptist practice a balance which on average lasts 20 minutes. It measures how far your eyes can follow a moving light, or a ball at the end of a stick moving. It assesses how far your eyes are able to pick through muscle strength two images that have diverged. Finally it determines your ability to diverge that is to say, to try to cast your gaze, necessarily implies a good convergence. At the end of the session he notes these measures amounted to a book which serves as reference for the progression of exercises.

The sessions

A gym workout for the eyes is very short and it did not last more than 15 minutes. A series of exercises, always the same, and you in the same order is then proposed. Using a prism, whose size increases by degrees, the orthoptist asked to converge on a point which seems more distant than the lens is large. Using two overlapping images that manipulates they separate slowly, he asks them pick exercising your ability to squint. When you got a maximum points after a clear round you finish the sessions.

And after?

The muscles are training. If these gym sessions at the orthoptist allow your eyes to regain flexibility, it will ask you to workout regularly to maintain their agility. However a series of exercises to do at the orthoptist is recommended after two three years. The eyes are the mirror of the world. They are not to be neglected. Their health depends on good physical shape. Just as the body must be trained for flexible action and suffering.