Everyone wants to shield their family from pain and hurt. Grief, especially over a loved one’s passing, can be devastating. This is why final needs planning is important. There are many reasons why pre-planning can be the greatest way of easing the pain of surviving members.It can take care of the fact that the family has no financial troubles while planning a loved one’s funeral; it can assure the family members that the funeral is exactly how the loved one would have wanted it; and it can also allow the family members to remember the loved one and not get caught up in death’s bureaucracy and administrative responsibilities.


Planning a funeral and preparing for death is easier with final needs planning companies that guide you along the way. These companies employ a team of professionals who think of things that could slip your mind. Services like monument services to ensure that you can choose your own ceremonial monument. Document services ensure that bureaucracy and taking care of final documents is managed by an expert, ensuring every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed. Travel protection plans offering worldwide travel assistance to guarantee that if you die outside your country, all the arrangements of bringing your body back would be handled by the final needs planning company and not left to your family.

The process of pre-planning is simple for both you and your family. Just contact The Elephas Group and you can speak with a final needs expert right away. With their help, you can select a plan (starting as low as $5) that will cover your funeral requirements. Their plans aren’t taxed and won’t change during your lifetime. All the rest would be handled by the final needs planning company. From closing your accounts to alerting your surviving members to benefits, your loved ones can remember you in peace without worrying about anything. This is the time when they need all the emotional support they can offer each other and final needs planning makes it easier on them.

It is quite responsible and practical to pre-plan a funeral and make arrangements in advance. First of you, it is possible to ensure that everything is done exactly as you want and your wishes are honored. Secondly, your money is protected by the final needs planning company and is out of reach of estate lawyers, nursing homes and others. There’s no better way to guarantee your family support through a difficult time.