That’s coming in the fall with soft, warm colors and flavors, including that of the grape, the result is absolutely essential to our tables, even perfect for a table centerpiece!

Thanks grapes can provide the body with many properties, this fruit plays for us several important actions including cleanse, stimulate the immune system and give new light to the skin, that after the summer, due to the loss of tan, it really needs. There is also the possibility to exploit the properties of this sweet fruit also at home, thanks to the wine therapy! In a diet in which the grapes become the queen, here you can take advantage of all the qualities I have just enunciated. We always try to pick the grapes fresh and beautiful on the market where it is now possible to find it with ease.


Duration of the diet

The grape diet, specifically, can be followed for a week, in order to cleanse the body, but like other diets seasonal should not be continued for too long, to avoid the metabolic compensation. In this way, in seven days is especially favors the elimination of toxins from the body, thanks to the drainage function of the grape (red or white): the effect is to not feel swelling or heaviness, especially that often characterize the time of return from vacation, where the rhythms were different than the city life.


To utilize all of the antioxidant properties contained in it, not to mention its wealth of vitamins and vital substances for our body such as calcium, iron, potassium, silicon, potassium, phosphoric acid, malic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, vitamins B, A, C, PP. The grape contains about 70% water, in which are dissolved sugars, about 20% in the form of glucose and fructose.

Surely this diet is, in my opinion, very hard, indeed unbalanced, type dissociated (a single meal breaks down into two). My advice, as a dietitian, is to introduce in an important way the grapes (subject to exceptions related to diabetes), without reducing pasta or bread, but consuming them in the right amounts that personally you need. Perfect the ability to consume a snack or mid-morning.