Learn how to fight against tobacco addiction with plants and simple advice to stop smoking naturally and repair the body

Generally, the main remedy for governments is to increase the price of cigarettes. Nevertheless, people are highly dependent not stop smoking for many, evidenced by many news about it.

Support smoking cessation, the fight against tobacco addiction

Save your health and do good to your wallet. Here are some studies pointing to plants that can help support smoking cessation. Use these plants can mitigate the effects related to nicotine withdrawal (irritability, headache, frustration).

Addiction to tobacco

This highly addictive substance causes many changes in the body, such as the sensation of pleasure, increased adrenaline, heart rate, blood pressure, among others. The act of smoking is synonymous with pleasure for the smoker, add to this the highly addictive drug nicotine, all of which make it difficult to act to stop smoking.

Plants to stop smoking

Ginger is a support to fight against nausea from lack of tobacco, peppermint also. Ginseng reduces the stress caused by stopping smoking. This plant is an adaptogen. Ginseng has the ability to protect the body against the physical and mental stress. Valerian is regarding it as a natural sedative that can help people with nicotine withdrawal.


The oat grass green

It knows the oatmeal known for their properties and benefits such that energizing, strengthening, reduction of LDL cholesterol, which is useful in the prevention of type 2 diabetes, among others. Another component of oat bran is also well known for its diet, especially widely used in the context of protein diets (such as Dukan, Cohen). However, less is known about the green grass of oats.

The oat grass green for the aerial parts of oats harvested before flowering. It is used for its nervines, it acts against stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression. It strengthens among others, the circulatory system, the lungs and the nervous system. It plays a role in the concentration and libido (aphrodisiac).

Oats green dye in the fight against drug addiction: tobacco, opium, heroin, morphine

In Ayurvedic medicine, oat extract is used to treat opium addiction. Prof. CL Anand has conducted an experiment described in the British Medical Journal. The research was conducted from an extract of fresh oats grass with a ratio of 1 5: 5 units of 90% ethyl alcohol, kept 72 h at room temperature, stirred regularly, then filtered before use.

Treatment herbal green oats on 10 patients addictive lasted between 27 and 45 days, with an average of 34 days. The result, six people were abandoning opium, two reduced their consumption. Only two patients did not change their behavior. During this treatment some patients no longer felt the need to smoke. From this observation, other studies have been conducted, three did not corroborate the effect of oat grass on smoking cessation, but a controlled study showed that 1 ml of alcoholic extract of grass Oat taken three times daily significantly reduced the number of cigarettes smoked daily.

Synthesis of studies on the properties of green oats is mixed, sometimes negative, especially with regard to heavy smokers. The positive study was conducted in 1971, the other in the years 1974-76. However, the effects of green oats seem convincing in helping those who wish to stop smoking. Indeed, many herbalists, naturopaths and doctors such as Finley Ellingwood, William A Mitchell Jr, J. Bastyr have prescribed to their patients tincture of oats in the fight against addiction to opium, heroin, morphine, tobacco.

After quitting: Recommendations for body repair the harms of cigarette

Smoking is notable for causing an increased need for certain nutrients such as vitamin C (kiwi, red pepper, mango, orange,), B9 (folic acid, offal, spinach, orange juice, nuts) and E (avocado, corn bran, corn, asparagus, fish eggs). Please note a 2009 study conducted by INSERM highlighting the nutritional supplement beta carotene increases the risk of lung cancer in heavy smokers and ex-smokers.

According to some studies, to deepen, a supplement of tryptophan and a diet rich in carbohydrates (white bread, white rice, pasta, potatoes, vegetable juice) seem to support the effects of withdrawal. This amino acid is present in the following foods: brown rice, dairy products, meat, peanuts, soy protein, eggs, fish, legumes, chocolate, banana, almonds, walnuts cashew nuts, brewer’s yeast.

Tips to help you stop smoking

Motivation: Your motivation is the key to everything. Tell yourself that you will live a long time, you have more energy, you will save money., Your body and your clothes will no longer be impregnated with the smell of stale cigarette smoke.

Exercise: Exercise is good for your body and helps you not feel the need to light a cigarette.

Habits: Change your habits, including those related to smoking: avoid appetizers, change the drink taken at breakfast, go walk after a meal, drink plenty of water, take care of your hands. It’s moments student related to lighting a cigarette, sometimes reflex, without even really want or need, you can modify your behavior.

Tell yourself that smoking will not have you, you’ll win. This year is the right one that will free your body and your mind prisoner nicotine addiction. You will feel lighter, so in your body, finally free.