Who his health is important and who is willing to embrace a diet rules can already do with the breakfast the first step towards weight problems and too much body fat.


The body receives the necessary energy for the day by the intake of carbohydrate-rich diet, which gives it potential energy (glucose) slowly. Thus, for example, a cereal is the best start for a long day at work.


The waiver on the breakfast slows your metabolism. So if anything in the morning, eats it difficult for the body to burn accumulated fat.


The ingestion of a carbohydrate-rich breakfast and a little fat is the best start to the day. The metabolism is stimulated spontaneously, and body fat percentage will level off in the long run at a healthy level.



A good and healthy breakfast boosts blood sugar levels, bringing the brain cells in top form. Many studies show that a properly compiled breakfast promotes the process of forming and retrieving memories and understanding and coordination of complex information.

Concentration and attention

Who will start the day without breakfast, also continues his professional achievements at risk. International studies have shown that people who eat breakfast regularly are less involved in accidents than those who eat breakfast or not at all rare. In order to boost concentration and prevent fatigue, the brain needs food to stay fit and alert.


The slow release of carbohydrates in humans causes a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, which mainly protects against later in the day to combat feelings of cravings with sweets and high calorie snacks.


That the right food – so-called “Mood Food” an important role in our diet plays is still not enough, unfortunately, unknown. Who feeds the body and especially the brain at the right time, the best nutrients for example, a carbohydrate low-fat breakfast term can start the day in high spirits.


A healthy breakfast is the best stress breaker! To the challenges and problems to get through the day, serotonin-enhancing carbohydrates, and vitamin B complex as multi-grain bread and oatmeal are the right breakfast program. On caffeine especially in the coffee should be without one. It leads to increased anxiety and additional irritation.


The body consists of up to 90% water and why it is so important that we drink a lot and regularly. Everyone should unsweetened day with large amounts of water or diluted fruit juice or light begin tea. And on the day then you should drink at least 8 glasses of water.

Immune system

Who the day begins with breakfast rich in vitamins A and C and zinc stabilizes, while his immune system. Citrus fruits, berries, melon, eggs, unsweetened cereals, wheat germ and oatmeal, breakfast make it perfect.