Fear of the dentist? If you feel well cared for and handled competently, everything is so bad.

Your eyes and go?

Hardly anyone can be cold, a dentist appointment. I hope all is well, hopefully it not hurt. Just the thought of the sound of the drill and a kind of “be delivered” at the dentist’s chair with a hose and “foreign fingers in your mouth.” When a dentist a dentist you trust, all is not so bad. What makes good dentists? How and where are they? It is best to ask friends or in a foreign city locals where they go and whether they are satisfied. Then you can make yourself an appointment and see if you have the same impression, feels well-treated. Since the expertise is just as important as the personal. But better a little grumpy sometimes dentist who knows his craft, rather than vice versa.



Is … very important, but please with the patient. A Hungarian, who was in Vienna at the dentist (yes, there is the other way around too) the following happened: During her treatment, the doctor rang merrily drauflos, the assistant had his cell phone to your ear. Unpleasant when one is constantly as a patient during treatment by the dentist asked a question, however, is almost unable to articulate or no response at all in detail. For me, it is important to know about what happened in my mouth. I want to be as forewarned before I get given a taste of chlorine spray – if I know it before, I am prepared and do not react with vomiting or coughing.

Good dentist?

Whether it is a pleasant, relaxing music in the waiting room when running and water is available for drinking is individual. But there are basics that should be fulfilled in a good-practice ZA:

Time: ZA is a good attempt to take their time in the context of the possibilities for individual patients.

hygiene: clean entire area of practice and work according to the latest hygiene regulations.

estimate, treatment recommendation: Based on a thorough investigation and question the wishes of patients. Information about treatment methods and processes in an understandable form for the layman. The expected life of expensive crowns, bridges, implants, etc. interested in the patients.

Team: The assistants are knowledgeable and attentive, the working atmosphere is good?

Errors can happen to anyone again. A good dentist is his, and offers solutions.