You suffer, but you will not want to use traditional medicines to heal? Then the spa will be your ally health!

Before going on a spa

You want to take the plunge, you talk to your physician, or specialist, and one of them will prescribe a cure, in the indication or indications maximum two – who are you. Form with your support, you must get approval from your primary health insurance. Response times can be long, but you can not go without this agreement, which will trigger the sending of three forms of primary importance not to make any advance payment from the spa. In addition, you will use later to reclaim your accommodation and train tickets.

Financial conditions

Warning, this paragraph contains many mistakes to avoid in order not to be found lacking after a deposit or reservation inappropriate. Indeed, despite your efforts, you will soon realize that your body does not always provide you the information you need to plan your budget and your schedule. If your spa is part of a work accident, you do not have to provide tax resources for you to claim compensation later. Good news, but the bad news is that your accommodation is reimbursed only up to one hundred euros. Knowing that the spa is supported by the Social Security lasts twenty-one days, that eighteen days of care and three Sundays, your rent will cost on average exceeded two to three hundred euros. Some mutual offer of annual lump on your departure, submitting invoices in support. Finally, keep in mind that the repayment periods apply in the same way as your standard health care costs, that is to say almost a month.


Your spa

After a long journey by train or car, you arrive at your resort and have previously made an appointment with a medical spa that you see in the first place so he can prescribe the appropriate treatment for your condition. For a simple indication, the number of care is seventy-two, that is to say four days. The schedule is defined as your home to Spa, which opened the morning and receive care in more than two thousand patients a day, so in a tight timing between six and thirteen hours from Monday to Saturday. During the first days of care, you will feel intense fatigue over you, time to adjust to a pace that can be sustained, despite the rest you take after your efforts in thermal water. Then you start feeling the benefits that this water gives you. In sulfur, trace elements and came straight from the mountain, it has analgesic properties that reduce your drug consumption. You will feel stronger and energized. The three weeks passed quickly, and return approach. You enjoy your last attendance, telling you that you will start as soon as possible the CPAM and your mutual take over a year due to medical prescription.