Be aware of what are the gluten free foods is very important for people suffering from celiac disease , a gluten intolerance or wheat allergy . It ‘important to consider what are these foods, because in this way, avoiding their consumption, we can provide to make disappear the symptoms associated with the related pathologies. This is mainly to avoid the cereals, including wheat, and all derivatives, such as bread , the pasta and desserts . Alternatively, these products can be eaten, if we choose the ones specially prepared gluten-free. There are other foods that can be considered completely free. Let’s look at a specific list.

Foods that naturally do not contain gluten

There are some foods that already in the wild do not have gluten and therefore can be eaten freely by people suffering from wheat allergy or specific forms of food intolerance to gluten . These are mainly all kinds of fruit fresh or dried, of vegetables and legumes , the meat and fish , even the oil and smoked eggs, milk, yogurt, cream, fresh cheese and seasoned . Green light also, between fat and seasonings , butter, lard, pepper, salt, saffron and herbs. Contrary to what you might think, even some grains do not contain gluten: buckwheat, millet, rice and corn. Among the desserts, we must remember the honey , the sugar and licorice root.


Food at risk

There are some foods, which can be defined at risk, because, in the course of their processing, may have come in contact with substances that contain gluten. Consequently, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients that are stated on the label. These are foods such as potato chips and popcorn, candied fruit, creams, puddings, cheese spreads, cured meats, ready-made sauces , the bouillon cubes , jams, marmalades, chocolate, the ready meals , pre-cooked and frozen foods, including fresh fish and meat.
Attention also to yeast fresh liquid, which is prepared by adding other ingredients, and then must be considered at risk, while that of beer (dry, fresh or lyophilized) does not create any problem.


It ‘increasingly common habit of eating gluten-free products , even by those who do not suffer from celiac disease . The goal would be to stay in shape, because the gluten-free foods should have less calories . In reality this can only correspond to a common place and it is said that there is scientific evidence.Indeed, in place of the gluten can also be added fats. Consequently the amount of calories decreases.

To understand everything is not fooled, our point of reference, even when we hold a handbook of gluten-free foods , such as the one developed by the Italian Celiac , it is always the label.
On the other hand, the evidence shows, the benefit that you could get in the weight loss is minimal. Let’s take an example: 100 grams of flour with gluten provide 350 calories, 100 grams of the same product, but without gluten, bring in approximately 325 calories. Like really minimal difference.