Gluten-free diet has nothing to do with giving up. There are a number of tasty, gluten-free products. Seek and ye shall find.

As “gluten” certain proteins from the grains wheat, rye, oats, barley, and their hybrids such as spelled, kamut and spelled are called. Also direct botanical relatives of these crops, such as gluten include wild rice.When called gluten intolerance, celiac disease and will require a strict, lifelong gluten or gliadin diet. In the context of which is omitted all, of the above cereal varieties. This strict gluten-free diet must be strictly observed in celiac disease, as even the smallest mistake can have huge effects diet.

What is celiac disease?

By gluten-containing diet in celiac disease patients produced a marked inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, so nutrients can be absorbed only with difficulty and in the gut remain. This leads to vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and related, deficiency and fatigue. Also, the cancer risk increases thereby sharply.


Diagnosis of celiac disease – what to do?

Celiac disease is diagnosed, patients are often desperate. They believe in the future have to give up everything delicious. But this is far not the case.There are a number of books on gluten-free diet with great recipes and everyday, in which the gluten-containing products can be easily replaced with gluten-free alternatives.Apart from trade in a range of products for a gluten-free diet is offered. They range from bread to pasta to various desserts.The crossed-out wheat and the label “gluten free” to facilitate the identification of special products.Gluten-free products are available in pharmacies, health food stores and in many cases in various grocery stores.

Warning – Gluten alarm

Course, is that products such as bread, biscuits, cakes, cereals, malt, beer and pasta gluten. An integral part of all these products is obviously some kind of grain. However, many products contain hidden gluten, and therefore have the same negative effects on patients with celiac disease: Thus, foods containing flavorings, dyes, or condiments, be gluten. Also thickening agent and leavening agent may include gluten. Foods such as ready meals, breakfast cereals, spreads and sweets are also often hidden sources of gluten. Even with so-called “light” products, fat or sugar have been replaced with gluten-containing substances.

Gluten? Here, surely not!

According to the list of gluten-containing products, now of course the list of gluten-free products:
Gluten-free foods are like rice, maize, millet, potatoes, butter, natural cheese (not floured bark), fruits and vegetables, sugar, honey and jams as well as coffee, tea and clear spirits. Both the list of gluten-containing and gluten-free list of foods is not complete. A closer study of the subject gluten-free diet, you can quickly see that a gluten-free diet does not restrict. Many foods can be enjoyed by people with celiac disease are not as well known, but can also put together a delicious gluten free and balanced diet.