Guests are announced. You organize a small or a large dinner with friends. But here you feel that you will come not. This reception with friends will be a failure. Stress increases. How to avoid stress-free: a predicament that ultimately could turn into a catastrophe, because of your anxiety?

A small household prior to the receipt

To ensure the success of your reception, your dinner, you will need to prepare in advance. One week before the day J, take a household in good standing so that everything is perfect. Update contribution the members of your family. Each piece will be visited every corner swept, all at your own pace. The date of receipt, it will remain to you to refresh the maintenance, picking up toys, remote control. In short, you are only a few details to oversee.

Get ready

Nothing more unpleasant than to run to the supermarket for a bunch of parsley or ingredient of any. However, you were sure to have made provision. Make your menu a few days in advance and make the inventory of available products. You will then be able to go to the grocery store to buy what is missing, without stress.


Made of square

A little trick will be able to calm some of your anxieties. Make room in the fridge. In this way, you should will be not taken by surprise when the big day arrives. You can store your dishes without breaking the head to find the necessary space. And if you don’t place, balcony, in cold weather, could help out you more than you think. You can store a few dishes, drinks (depending on the outside temperature). You fear the gel or the neighbors animals? Your camping cooler will be very useful.

Assess the time required

There is nothing more stressful to have to use your oven to cook two dishes at different temperatures. Evaluate your cooking time in the oven or on the stove, so as to not be taken by surprise. Do the same for the preparation of marinades. Calculate the cooling time you need. Easier to your almost-empty fridge. Finally, make a list of things to do the day of the reception.

The day before

The day J approaching. It’s time to focus on details. Missing an ingredient or two? I well concocted the menu? The House is clean? The refrigerator and dishwasher are empty, or almost? So, all is well! On the eve of the reception remains the ideal day to whip up a dish that weigh you more. The desserts are often better when they are cooked in advance while some food (marinades, salads) can be prepared the day before. You will have less work to do when the big day and you airplane difficulties. Also take the opportunity to prepare and store, all the necessary ingredients. The quantities of spices and/or ingredients can be measured in advance. It will remain only to mix everything in the preparation of the dishes.

For you convenience

When you receive, it is important you prepare and to secure the cooperation of your loved ones. Feel free to ask for assistance from your spouse, your children. If you are out of inspiration, choose a theme meal (Indian, Lebanese, Asian). Such will facilitate the search for recipes and will impress your guests. You will use no doubt several utensils. Wash them and measure. This gives you your empty dishwasher in order to place the soiled dishes, at the reception.After have concocted dishes, made a last lap of the House to pick up some trainees, throw a last glance at the decoration and make you a beauty.