Getting lean is so much better than simply ‘losing weight’. Losing weight refers to your number on the scale, while getting lean means you’re changing the shape of your body. You lose body fat, maybe even build a little muscle. This helps you to develop an all over ‘toned’ look. Quick fixes aren’t usually recommended, but there are a couple of things you can do to lean out faster. Let’s take a look!


More Cardio

If you want to get lean quick, cardio is unavoidable. However, there’s a right amount and a wrong amount. Doing too much cardio will make you skinny fat. You’ll probably be much hungrier too, which can lead to binging and hinder your progress. The right amount will help you to drop that extra fat! The ideal range if you want to get lean fast is probably 45-60 minutes, 6 times a week. Maybe 7 if you don’t feel exhausted. This is only advisable for a short period of time though, as doing too much can be dangerous!

More Water

Water is so important for leaning down. It helps the body to flush fat and toxins. Not to mention keeps us fuller for longer, thwarting cravings! You should aim for 3-4 litres of water a day, minimum. Maybe even more when you’re exercising. Bear in mind that going overboard with water can also be dangerous, as it waters down salt in the blood. Pay attention to your body. Spread out your water through the day rather than drinking large amounts all at once.

The Right Supplements

Supplements are not the be all and end all. If your diet isn’t on point, and you’re not active, you can’t expect them to do much for you at all. There are all kinds of supplements, so it’s a case of doing your research and finding what’s right for you. You can find lots of information on sites like Supplements that are supposedly good for leaning down include:

  • CLA.
  • Matcha tea.
  • Matcha tea.
  • Fat burners – ALWAYS buy from a safe, reputable place and read reviews.

Less Carbohydrates

Eating less carbohydrates should help you to drop faster. Bear in mind that this is never a long term solution, although some people like to think it is. Cutting out carbohydrates can be dangerous. We need them to survive. You’ll still need some carbohydrates in the form of sweet potato, fruit and vegetables. Just stay away from the starchy carbohydrates. Eat more carbohydrates on heavy training days and less on non training days. The results will speak for themselves.

Circuit Training

Circuit training can really help to speed up your metabolism. It allows you to get in a quick workout that burns fat long after you’ve finished. Include a couple of these a week to improve your strength and tone too!

Use these tips for a short amount of time until you’re as lean as you want to be. Just remember, they are not sustainable for daily life and health! Have fun!