The holiday season often means rich foods and extra drinks, which can leave one lamenting over that extra bulk by New Years. According to a study done by Stanford University, the average person gains at least one pound during the holiday season from overeating. If you add to that the decrease in physical activity most people endure during the winter months, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. For those looking to swing back from a month or two of over indulging, bootcamp is an excellent option.

For starters, great bootcamp fitness classes like those offered at Striation 6, a fitness centre in Toronto Ontario, work all aspects of the body unlike a traditional fitness class, which tends to focus on select areas. The mix of cardio and strength training in these fitness classes spark quicker weight loss and overall physical improvements for those who engage in this form of activity. For those in the Toronto Ontario area who aren’t sure if they should commit themselves, pay-per-use gyms are a great alternative to traditional contracts. Try a bootcamp at Striation 6 to get a better idea of whether or not this style of exercise is for you. For those looking to be a part of bootcamp Toronto, or to at least give it a try this winter vacation, stepping into a gym and meeting prospective staff members can help ease apprehensions and make you feel comfortable in your new environment.

Bootcamp, which often conjures up images of military training procedures, is much more pleasant than to be expected. According to Fitness Advisory, participants are often surrounded by like-minded exercisers, usually those who are hoping to get into a healthy flow and reexamine and reconfigure their past lifestyle choices. Moreover, bootcamps offer dynamic class routines. Unlike a single fitness class, exercisers are exposed to a number of fitness techniques, making them more likely to find one that they can enjoy.

As the holidays and winter vacation approach for those in Toronto Ontario, considering a bootcamp class at a pay-per-use gym is a great way to kick start your way into the New Year without making a costly decision you’ll regret down the line. According to Shape magazine, people who pay per visit are 17 percent more likely to continue attending classes for a year. It also helps that exercisers see the gym as something positive, rather than a commitment they must meet in order to get their money’s worth. As a matter of fact, in an article in Natural Runner’s Magazine, it was stated that only 40 percent of gym members actually use their full time memberships.

So if you are looking for change, check out the bootcamp Toronto scene and explore gyms that offer pay-per-use and other conveniences that will help you to meet your fitness goals. Cast aside your traditional expectations for a bootcamp and go in requiring that your instructors be well trained, supportive, respectful, and compassionate. You won’t regret giving yourself an opportunity to work off that post-holiday gut, and you might even find yourself going back for more!