Caries is an infectious disease very widespread in the world. What changes can we expect in this area?

Caries is a lesion of the enamel and dentin that may result from several causes. Sugar consumption, poor hygiene, improper brushing, causes the most famous. You can easily remedy this by realizing that the time spent taking care of our teeth is a gain for our health. What joy when the dentist tells us: “Your teeth are healthy and I see no cavities!” This moment is worth a little of our time!

Why sugar has an adverse effect on teeth?

The sugar content in food is a food source for bacteria. By degrading the sugar, the bacteria produce an acid that eats slowly the tooth enamel. At this level, it is too late, because a hole appears, and the pain starts when the hole reaches the dentin. Saliva, in contrast, tends to neutralize the acid produced by bacteria. Some foods are more alkaline (like cheese) and reduce the acidity. Plaque is a factor promoting the growth of bacteria. Regular descaling is recommended and the use of fluoride toothpaste. Brushing with a soft brush and changed every month, is a gesture to prevent decay. The interdental brush is also highly recommended.


Gentle method for treating tooth decay

Despite all precautions, unfortunately, the decay is here! It could not be avoided. Who does not know the dentist’s drill? Noise, pain, odor and these black amalgams which clog our teeth. Today, he exists a new technique, little known, development and used in Germany who is named “Icon”. This technique consists of a liquid resin that can seep into the enamel of the injured and vitrify. This takes a few minutes, provides no pain (so no stitching) and can not dig the tooth more than necessary. This treatment would be an idea to.

Vaccine against cavities

It is a fact, some bacteria are the cause of caries. It would therefore easy to invent a vaccine that could destroy them. The downside is that there are over 300 species of bacteria in the oral cavity that are not all negative and are even essential for the digestive system. A vaccine would therefore lead to eliminate all bacteria, and the remedy would be worse than the disease.

A serum is even being considered for preventing the bacteria from attaching to the tooth. This serum is applied using toothpaste or chewing gum. But in this area, budgets are blocked and are struggling to find financing. Indeed, all dental health professionals (laboratories, dentists) would lose some of their customers! Prevention is the only effective way to fight against the current decay.