The first frosts are felt and our body often reacts to changes in temperature influences, cough and colds. The sore throat, above all, is among the first symptoms of the arrival of the autumn season, to defeat him but it is not always necessary to be cured with medication classics, but nature provides many remedies. Let’s see together the most effective gentle care and alternative. Homeopathy L ‘ Homeopathy is a method of care that is based on the principle of similarity. It is always important to consult a medical expert before taking homeopathic remedies, especially if you are following other treatments. The homeopathic remedy to cure a sore throat is undoubtedly the Belladonna , which is useful if the throat is red, it is also used for people agitated.

Care to follow is that of 30 CH, granules or drops to be taken several times a day, for a period that is determined by your doctor or pharmacist. Belladonna can be taken by children and elders, and also by pregnant women. For those suffering from sore throat that worsens with cold and humid climate, especially children, is indicated Calcarea Carbon , again from Ch 30, granules to be taken several times a day, and for this product, there were no contraindications.


Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is the branch of medicine that studies the use of medicinal plants with pharmacological action. It is an alternative to traditional medicine, but a complement. Among the plants that prevent infectious diseases of the respiratory areas we recommend the Echinacea, usually in the market are tablets of 400 mg and it should be taken a couple a day. Being a plant preventive care can be initiated in late September or early October for a month, to which to follow 15-day interval, continuing for another 2/3 cycles for a total of 4/5 months.

As a healing remedy, however, at the first symptoms of a sore throat is recommended to take propolis, in drops or candy. Naturopathy is the discipline that is based on the integration of several natural methods, for the maintenance and protection of health, looking to treat the person as a whole regardless of the single disorder. The warty birch , has anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and analgesic, with draining the mucous membranes of the airways. It is also used to prevent a sore throat, following a cure from September to February based on 60 drops diluted in water, once a day. Finally, the Agrimonia is one of the Bach flowers most commonly used for sore throat, especially when there is redness and burning. The recommended dose is 4 drops, 4/5 times a day.