No, gastroenteritis is not a feast of indigestion following year! This is a common virus that is particularly rife November to March.

The common cold, flu, gastroenteritis here, mistakenly called “stomach flu”, the third thief who enters the dance we completed in a period where there is not necessarily in great shape. Diarrhea, vomiting, fever and intense fatigue. No top to finish or start the year with a bang!

Virus gastroenteritis

The virus that causes gastroenteritis (retrovirus) is called Nor walk, named after the American town where he was identified for the first time. There are different varieties of this virus, commonly known NLV, “Nor walk-like viruses” It spreads very easily by simple contact between two people he loves the bacteriological medium pools, shellfish, toilets and sinks, short, difficult to escape even washing their hands ten times a day. But like all viruses, there are lots favorable or not, you can very well not “catch” the virus, even if you are in contact with him. Everything depends on the state of your immune system which in turn depends on the health of your intestines.


The treatment of gastropod-enteritis: hydration and diet

A virus does not “cure” it. Diarrhea and vomiting are among the excretory functions of the body that seeks to eliminate the intruder. It is better not to stop these symptoms usually stop after 48 hours. Can optionally use disinfectants intestinal and medications that reduce abdominal pain (antispasmodic). The most important is to compensate for the significant loss of liquid. Drink! Vegetable broths and hot drinks are more enjoyable and beneficial. If symptoms do not disappear after two days, he will see a doctor who may decide to stop with antimalarial Alderamin type. Foods to be avoided: all dairy products, all fat. Foods to choose: the unwashed rice, apple and grated raw carrot. Gastroenteritis can occur in midsummer; dehydration is especially important because of the heat.

Natural remedies for stomach flu

* Coca-Cola has a long history as a remedy for the “gastro”. Its virtues are disputed by some scientists who see him as a sweet liquid. However, it contains tannins effective against diarrhea, and power re hydrating interesting precisely because of his blood sugar. However, avoid drinking too glossy and sparkling: aerate it a few hours at room temperature.
* The lemon water to consume without moderation throughout the day has a disinfecting and moisturizing. It also helps to cleanse the liver, which can not hurt for the fitness of the whole organism.
* Against diarrhea, and the sovereign remedy that works every time: the quince jelly ! No food has so much power that constrictor fruit. Consume the spoon, it’s delicious, but stop the treatment as soon as symptoms improve, if you do not want to end up with constipation just as painful.
* The tea has good powers constrictors also thanks to its tannins. Must infuse the time (at least 5 minutes) to bitterness. Prefer green tea that has undergone no treatment after harvesting.
* As a preventive measure, adopt a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fiber. There is no need to use macrobiotics as maintenance therapy from October , which will protect you from all kinds of infections.
* The blueberry has the same virtues as the quince. Drink a tea from dried blueberries.
* 9 hp in ipecac is recommended in homeopathy.

Gastroenteritis in young children and the elderly

With few reserves, they are more likely dehydration quickly and do not wait more than 24 hours consult a doctor. If you are breastfeeding your baby, keep it in without rationing. Moisturize it constantly with sugar water, rice water and frequent bathing. If threads appear in bloody stool, see your doctor immediately. Each year, over 600 deaths were recorded among children under 5 years and 60 years.