The concept of functional food comes from Japan. There are already more than 15 years industrially produced foods fortified with nutritional supplements. In Germany there is that principle has been longer. By the end of the 19th Century were in fact offered products that were enriched with malt extract. Functional food is now on the rise and many people consume the upgraded food, without knowing what it represents. The simplest examples are bacteria -enriched dairy products, fruit juices with added vitamins or bread, which contains in addition to the original ingredients omega-3 fatty acids and iodine.

What are the dietary supplements cause?

With the additives in functional foods is to be achieved Misc. But always it is about increasing the performance, health or general well-being. The most common dietary supplements in foods include the following:

Fiber: is excreted undigested regulate, but the digestion.

Fatty acids: including in the first place are the omega-3 fatty acids are added to protect the cardiovascular system.

Minerals: have many functions in the body, especially in the field of metabolic processes.


Indigestible carbohydrates: (prebiotics) to the colon and act to support the formation of probiotic bacteria.

Probiotic bacterial cultures: which are added primarily dairy products. You have shown to improve intestinal flora.

Vitamins: natural vitamin supplement intake, acting in part as antioxidants and protect against cancer and damage to body cells.

Functional food your body needs?

The idea that functional food improves our performance is plenty of advertising used to ensure good sales of the products. In addition to the sensible dietary supplements are often but also additives, their effectiveness has not been proven or tested. The labeling requirement does not require disclosure of amounts, so that in some cases be harmful overdoses, for example, fat-soluble vitamins can occur. As a functional food and sweets are called, are enriched with vitamins or minerals. The healthy impression caused by the fact, borders already misleading and may lead to excessive consumption of these foods.