The dentist Gatineau, a chance that they were! But what it takes to be a good dentist? It takes a lot of patience, sure thing and have the skill, go into the hollow of the mouth of patients also demand a lot of details, and foremost, you must be passionate in the field! A secure job, a job that pays with a good quality for the future! Gatineau dentists can learn a lot about the area of ​​the mouth, they know a lot and if you have questions that are the right people to consult. They should know the teeth but also the language, it is a muscle on the mucosal surface, it is on this that the taste buds are.

The buds are there to recognize tastes, each square on the tongue contains a place that is conducive to detect, for example, the bitter side, the acid, sweetness, or one that is spicy. A dentists Gatineau remarked to me how special could be any differences we humans. As this language, some have a small, others big, long, pointed, cracked and so on. Even the lining is not the same in attractive color or texture. The dentist must know the language as well as the teeth in operations or dental treatments, the language is concerned whether a tingling sensation or even kind of paralysis. If for example, you get a wisdom tooth removed, all our mouth feels very numb, you feel like you even have difficulty moving the tongue.


Dentists Gatineau or anywhere else see a lot of teeth problems. It is important to pay attention to our teeth, there are too many cavities that could be greatly avoided if people took advantage of awareness of the importance of taking a tooth cleaning. There are cavities which may be less serious than others. More decay is processed faster and easier the treatment will be. The dentist prefers to act quickly, before the decay degenerates in the mouth. The decay can be very deep and give excruciating pain if it reaches the pulp.

But you know how is a cavity? The principle is simple. The first stage of decay is when the bacterial plaque on the tooth, day by day is allowed, acidity is formed and gives bad results which creates a hole. If we act quickly and we clean our teeth, decay can take the best and stop degenerate, but the damage is done because the decay leave its mark with a black grain, more or less small.

The second principle that dentists Gatineau see is when the decay has passed the first stage and reached the bottom layer called dentin. When decay affects this site, decay spreads quickly because dentin is softer than enamel and intrusion easier. It is in these moments that discomfort can feel the cold and sometimes sugar. In all cases, it is not necessary that the decay reaches the pulp, which is the central level of the tooth, because that’s where the nerves and blood vessels is located. Do not waste time when it happens because there will be a collection of pus. Teeth are a very complex area, which is why it is important to deal with a good dentist.