Eating is an important part of everyday life, and sometimes small problems occur in very young children.

If the child has an appetite bird, it is best to give very small portions, even if he asks for more, rather than discouraged by a plate too full. It will sometimes be proud to finish his plate and even, on occasion, to ask for more! When the meal is completed, the dessert table without remark on the amount of food that the child ate (or left). So do not force him to finish his plate at any price. If the child has eaten very little, he was not offering any chocolate dessert or very sweet. We can offer against him by apricots, a little fruit salad or a dessert made of milk.

Eating: an opportunity for self

Premature infants previously subject to various attacks (tests, tubes, feeding, etc.) Experience, sometimes more than other children, the need to control their diet. The time when the child begins to nibble a piece of cheese or trying to eat with a spoon is more than once to release food problems.

* It should be noted that bowls equipped with a good cup rim and provide better stability. They are useful in the early days when baby learns to eat by itself.


Give the child the opportunity to eat by itself. When it is able to grasp objects and hit them on the tablet, it is probably ready to eat crackers or bread sticks or cheese sticks tender. Sometimes it is trying to grab the spoon or the flat he shows he is ready for more autonomy. We can let him eat two or three spoonfuls by itself first, and then continue to give him the rest of the meal. At the beginning, it is best to offer foods that are easy to make and eat with a spoon (macaroni or mashed potatoes instead of soup!). If the child does not show these signs, you can still file a dish containing some mashed potatoes or some cereal on the shelf. If, within one year, for various reasons, it is not ready to eat by itself, do not forget to try this step a few weeks or months later. The nutritional rehabilitation occurs over several months, and each small victory, another step towards a diet similar to all children is done!