Whether it’s pain side or outside, preferably affecting the spine, the plant or the neck of the foot, plus the right or left does not matter, the important thing is that often the foot pain is likely to become unbearable. If in some cases, the causes are more mundane and less troubling and foot pain, which often radiates to the leg, the calf up to the knee, it’s just the unfortunate result of footwear wrong, wrong postures or high heels, in other cases in the adult than in the child, this symptom can be the alarm bell for other diseases in the lower limbs but also systemic. Here are the main causes of foot pain, its cures and remedies more effective.


The possible causes

If the pain is sharp and pungent and is associated with feeling stiff big toe, difficulty walking and wearing shoes could be valg big toe, or the deformation of the joint at the base of the big toe and pushes it to the outside, deflecting the axis of the finger. Similar, but not always the same, similar painful symptoms are related also to excessive bending outwards of the forefoot, which causes the appearance of the fingers ” hammer “.

The stabbing pain and stinging at the height of the heel, especially when the foot is resting on the latter, it is the symptom of the heel spur, a form of plantar fascistic, an inflammation of the muscle fibers located on the sole of the foot, which, with time, causes the appearance of an abnormal protrusion near the heel.

More than actual pain, warts, corns and small abrasions, if they fall on the plant or on the instep, as well as on the fingers, under your fingers and in the inter digital spaces, can be a source of troublesome symptoms, especially when it wearing shoes and walking.