The ‘mouth of the mouth is a disorder of the oral cavity that can occur at any time of life, and that is usually light of a certain immune weakness, for example in conjunction with a bout of influenza. May begin to occur at a young age the sores in children are quite common, in fact and occur at more or less long for life, since they tend to recur. The mouth can occur as a symptom of a stomatitis, an inflammatory syndrome of the mouth quite common but should not be underestimated. One important thing to note is that the foot is not contagious, so it is not certain kissing or drinking from the same glass that you can pass it on. First, What are the symptoms?

Foot and mouth: Symptoms

Who has had at least once not forget the nagging feeling that you begin to feel when the ‘ mouth has not yet occurred but is “incubating”. Typically emerge in the oral mucosa ( sores in or on the tongue, especially) as small ulcers rounded or oval in shape, color greyish white or slightly yellow, with borders around red, about the size of a few mm (but in extreme cases can “widen”), which last a few days procuring voltage and burning.


Foot and mouth: Causes

What are the causes of the formation of a foot in the mouth (and recurrent) is not clear, there is definitely a strong family component and a predisposition genetic and triggers. These include a lowering of the immune system due to some other infection into effect in stress for psychological, not to mention the hormonal disruptions related to the menstrual cycle in women. Some foods seem to be responsible for causing the formation of ulcers, including the tomatoes and dried fruits, foods per is considered allergenic.

The occurrence of stomatitis and canker sores is also more likely in people who have nutritional deficiencies, especially folic acid and B vitamins (especially B12). The appearance of a foot and mouth can be the consequence of an antibiotic taken to treat an infection, then, in this case, the disturbance to the mouth is caused by the care and is not secondary symptom of a pathology main. Finally, the mononucleosis, also known as the kissing disease has as one of its symptoms the appearance of canker sores, and is also the only case in which we can speak of contagion. We see the treatment for ulcers of the mouth.

Foot and mouth: Remedies

Mouth ulcers or predisposition to their occurrence can not cure, however, you can try to get relief during the “active”, that painful. The remedies against canker sores on the market are counter medicines for topical use, as indicated by your doctor, to be applied on the right with the help of a cotton swab. After applying the medicine is best to avoid eating or drinking for at least half an hour. But to treat canker sores there are also natural remedies, such as sprays , plasters and ointments in gels based on extracts of aloe, that applied sullied. isolate it from agents irritate naturally present in the mouth (such as the acids of mastication, the bolus of food and saliva ) and reduce the burning. The best thing to do is then go to the pharmacy and if the episodes of canker sores get a little ‘too often, talk to your doctor.