Not easy to eat well. We often good reasons to justify the fact that we skip meals, eat fast, on-the-go and often evil. In this article, we give you tips to improve your eating habits, despite all your requirements.

You miss time for dinner lunch or breakfast in the morning

Many people skip a meal due to lack of time. This habit can decrease your energy level and increase your appetite. This is not desirable! Take appointment with yourself for at least 15 minutes each midi or every morning in order to get something to eat. It can be as simple as warm a prepared dish bought at the grocery store, or prepare a smoothie in the Blender before leaving the House.

You would like to eat more ‘health’, but your family does not support the approach

Eat with friends, family, it is a social activity. This can mean that food choices should be negotiated at work, at home. not easy! It is better to changes to the menu in a gradual manner, to replace a meal of meat with a meal of legumes a week, and fries by the sweet potato, the other week. In addition, tell you that the secret is in the sauce; find a good dressing for vegetables or choose a mix of herbs for fish, it will be not only nourishing but delicious.

You are very hungry at the end of the day or in the evening

Many people arrive home hungry after work. If it happens to you, it is probably because you do not have enough eat or drink water during the day. Alternatively, it may be part of your habits for a long time.As they say; prevention is better than cure. Need to get something to eat every three hours to prevent power cuts and food cravings. Another tip: take 15 minutes to unpack once at home, rather than go directly to the fridge. It will be better for you and your body.


You have difficulty to your workout (you miss energy)

You happen to run out of energy during your workout or your brisk walk around the neighborhood? There are chances that either because you have not taken a snack before doing your exercise. The body needs fuel to move and perform. If it doesn’t have what it takes, it will decrease its intensity and will seek to shorten the duration of the exercise. If you have not eaten in 2 or 3 hours preceding the drive, take a snack such as (for example) biscuits and yogurt. Do not forget to eat (and drink) something in the half hour following the training.