Cellulite is a problem that can affect different women, from the young to the more mature. But not everyone knows that you can not fight even at the table here is the food against cellulite.

The food, even in the case of cellulite, as well as other health issues, it can be a great ally in terms of both preventive and curative. In the case of cellulite, it can help, through certain foods and especially thanks to some nutrients, in improve circulation and especially to better drain the fluids within the body. Keep in mind that the predisposing factors for cellulite may be different, not only the type of food. however Let’s see together what foods are against cellulite. Red apples are a concentration of a substance by the name difficult private. This is a principle with antioxidant power to act toning and reducing body fat.


That’s the conventional wisdom, which recommends “an apple a day” seems to be true not only for health, but in this case also for aesthetics. Pyruvate would also act as a deterrent against problems such as osteoporosis. How many apples to eat every day? They are recommended at least 2 apples a day, just to stimulate the metabolism and slimming effect. From the point of view calorie apples provide about 50 calories per 100 grams. Yogurt skinny This simple but important food has a dual function: on the one hand and on the other remodels puts in a good mood.

Consume in quantities of 1 or 2 cups per day in order to keep balance of the intestinal flora thanks to the wealth of lactic acid bacteria. Give energy to the body, sparkle to the skin and hair that will be brighter. Yogurt is also rich in calcium, a mineral that strengthens bones. From the standpoint of calories, depending on the type choice (preferably low-fat with no added sugar) will provide from 36 to 90 kcal/100g. should not forget the possibility of making the yogurt at home, cheap and fun!