The plants have become one of the essential decorative elements in homes, not only because they are showy and colorful but also because decontaminate the environment. While some prefer to keep them in the garden, some have been encouraged to introduce them in different spaces of the house in order to enjoy its benefits.


While some varieties should not get indoors, it has been shown that others are very healthy and channel energies. The most interesting is that they are very easy to sow and kept in perfect condition when they pay enough attention. As we know that many want to know the best, then we reveal recommended to purify the air.

Palma areca

Areca palm is a beautiful houseplant whose leaves have a fluidity that softens energy in any environment. It is very easy to plant and conserve, and serves to eliminate toxins that accumulate due to dust particles and volatile environment.

Palma bamboo

Although it appears similar to the above, the bamboo plant is very different and very beneficial for air purification inside. It is proven that it can help remove toxic substances such as benzene, polluting compounds. It is also credited with the ability to bring home and provide peace necessary for harmonious relations. As if that were not enough, it is very elegant and offers a tropical setting in place whatever the location.


The fern is a very popular plant that grows almost like an herb whose varieties are interesting. It is believed to have survived since ancient times and its form have become a good choice for home decoration. Its leaves are soft, light and serve to purify the air of substances such as toluene and xylene two substances given off by the white glue, nail polish and other chemicals. Although care for them is not too complicated it is important to note that they need a little more attention compared to other plants.

The common ivy is a plant that can survive almost anywhere and fortunately is perfect for closed spaces of our home. Among its advantages, include growing very easy it adapts easily to the environment and serves to harmonize of the house. However, it is not recommended to put it in places where the temperature is high because it tends to dry out.


Although orchids have earned a bad name because they are very difficult to care for the truth is that is not as complicated as it looks. While they are more delicate than other flowers the key is to keep them accurately measure the water and sun they receive.

His presence in the house helps eliminate air pollutant found in the paintings on the walls and furniture. The interesting thing is that breathes and expels oxygen at night so they are fully suitable to place in the bedrooms.


This plant is very popular and very easy to get. No special care and is often used in decorating offices, public places, meeting rooms and shopping malls. It fits easily in temperatures between 17 ° C and 30 ° C. It is only important to note that the land should remain slightly moist. It is quite decorative it does not require special care and serves to remove toxic impurities such as:

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Often it used frequently in interior decoration and has the advantage of surviving in almost all types of temperature. If it is grown outdoors reaches up to 40 ° C hold and survive in cold climates to -5 ° C. It is said that can lower levels of benzene and toluene in the air. Ask for them at your favorite nursery and enjoy all its benefits to harmonize and purify your home.