The fitness of the stars: what are the sports activities preferred by celebrities? The desire to stay in shape and show off a more slender and sculpted physique, pushes many famous people to practice some sport with constancy. Even on a Saturday morning is devoted to sports activities or a simple walk in the open air: a habit that should be copied. In summer or winter, the sun or the cold, there’s no excuse to indulge in laziness. Curious to know the diary of fitness celebrities? Follow us to find out!

The favorite activities from the models

Many of us often wonder what is the secret of beauty of the models, always beautiful and clean on the catwalk, as well as actresses and other celebrities. The stars share more and more often their sport sessions on Instagram and social network. Even without a trace of makeup on her face and body dripping with sweat, appear equally beautiful. The star shows, therefore, how much effort is needed to show off a sculpted body and always be perfect. To keep in shape undergo hard training, taking advantage of the most diverse places to engage in fitness. From the beach to the mountains, let’s see what are their habits for inspiration and test ourselves in the exercises that will also help us to look slim and fit. The Brazilian supermodel Gisele is passionate about yoga . Devotes many hours to this discipline that considers the has been of great help, especially after the birth of Vivian Lake. The model is also constantly practice Kung Fu . My colleague, Bar Rafaeli, however, placed on Instagram photos of the actress during a gym session, and is committed to strengthen the muscles of the arms.


Yoga, pilates and kickboxing

Among the stars who are immortalized in the gym and posting on Instagram pictures of their sporting activities, there is also Alessandra Ambrosio . It prefers mostly pilates classes, doing the simple exercises of discipline, useful to shape the body with ease. Even Elena is shown in photo while in the gym to keep in shape after the holiday in Capri. The former Miss Italy Martina sporting arms hyper trained while Miranda Kerr prefer yoga. It seems Lea Michele is accustomed to a walk on Saturday morning as the actress Reese Wither spoon who prefers him jogging to the other activities. however, focuses mainly on the bending with the barbell for firming thighs and buttocks and devotes a few hours of the week even kickboxing .