Similarly, one has to muscle the brain can be trained regularly in order to keep fit and active. Food for the brain provides a so-called brain training, with the help of that cognitive performance can be improved.

Physical fitness can even be built by simply sporting activity or maintained. It’s the same with the mental capacity to be trained, they can be active through so-called brain training into old age and kept in check. Cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, and deductive reasoning and concentration can be trained by Brain optimally and effectively. Mental arithmetic, (backward spelling) and brain-teasers like Sudoku are the simplest variants of the brain jogging. In addition, there are a number of PC programs, games, and devices that bring the mental fitness going. For young and old, are the various target groups suitable training opportunities which, apart from the spiritual fitness a lot of fun with it. Tricky problems to solve not only has a beneficial effect on the concentration and memory, there are also the stamina, mental endurance and patience training. In addition, provides the solution of difficult tasks of self-confidence and self-affirmation.


PC, Playstation & Co.

Brain Program for the PC or game consoles are different, a well-known and popular version of brain training. Be addressed within the training programs there are several stations in which different brain regions. Simple tasks that must be solved under time pressure, are characteristic for this type of brain jogging. In a playful way and having fun are the gray cells are stimulated and improved mental performance.

Sudoku, Kakuro and other puzzles

Everyone knows the number puzzle, behind which lies a simple idea, whose execution can be a tricky task. When Suduko have in rows, columns and 3×3 box within large areas, the numbers are inserted 1-9. Some numbers are already given at the beginning. Kakuro, puzzle requires a different number, for the insertion of numbers. Here, numbers are given, which must be disassembled. The registered numbers can be found in columns and rows, but no more than once. There are a number of other puzzle games and brain teasers that can be performed remotely from the PC and consoles, and are a great alternative to the view of the screen.

Simple but effective the simple version

The truth is you can train your brain whenever and wherever. The best part: Even without any prior technical aids. Mental arithmetic, and spelling the name back to front, are just two examples of a whole series of simple exercise for the brain.A great opportunity for the excitation of the brain, for example, the early morning. You get up to combing their hair, shaving or make up, but all this not with the dominant hand. For right-handers is therefore necessary to life with just his left hand, and vice versa. When shopping, the mental fitness are also well trained. Write a shopping list at home, the longer the better, and do not take with them for shopping. The memory in this way is simple but effective training. So you see, the brain can be improved anywhere, anytime. The training teaches the brain not only the cognitive performance, it’s also great fun and good humor.