Painful bloating, flatulence, these are the unpleasant symptoms that we can avoid by changing our eating habits.

Irritable bowel syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome is a disease that affects nearly 20% of the population, preferably women. The pain resulting in regular bowel discomfort more or less important. Often these problems occur after age 45, for no apparent reason. They can become extremely disabling as to limit normal social life. The fear of seeing pain and flatulence in the middle of a party, anxiety caused by waiting for the first signs, such is the lot of those suffering from digestive disorders such. Conventional treatments, such as antispasmodics or charcoal absorbents, can relieve pain but not in any way prevent bloating to install.

Change our eating habits to fight against bloating.

You have probably tried to delete some food, everyday note that you eat to no avail. These painful flatulence seem to occur without any logic. Yet, it is a change in eating habits that we get to fight bloating. First, remove the milk and yogurt. People with irritable bowel fragile and digest this food even less than others. Do not forget that milk is a growth food for the calf to grow in a few months! If interest is obvious to a child, he is no longer in regard to adults. Recompense you more than your dose of calcium daily through your diet as long as you make a record of what you eat. Vegetables, cheese, some mineral water, soy milk fortified with calcium 1000mg sufficient to cover the daily requirements for an adult, or 1500mg for postmenopausal women.


Breakfast, first step towards balance and end bloating .

Forget the breakfast meal sweet and promote denser, rich in fats and sugars. Wholemeal bread, rye, spelled, with butter, cheese. Tea or coffee without sugar are welcome. Choose a milk plant that will not cause any intestinal disorder. Soy milk can bring you substantial additional calcium in its formula enriched (100ml fortified soy-milk provide 120mg of calcium, as well as cow’s milk). Remember also that fruit juices tend to ferment when taken in the morning. Once you have passed these breakfasts, you will soon feel the benefits. Besides the fact that to reduce bloating and disappear, you will notice that the hollow mid-morning will manifest himself more.

The nutritionist and its benefits on intestinal bloating painful.

This power is the basis of the nutritionist which more than dieting is actually another way of eating. Even for those who are not looking to lose weight, method of feeding is beneficial. Thus, besides the important rules recommended for breakfast, it is essential to book for sweet taste because fruits taken at this time of day, between meals, not irritate the colon and cause bloating or or flatulence. The taste is also critical because it avoids coming to dinner with hunger too much and overload our stomach in the evening, shortly before the time of sleep. Other basic rules will help improve your digestion. Eat quietly, taking time to chew, savor your food. And if despite all these tips do not come to the end of your problems, do not hesitate to consult a doctor or a dietician. Other foods can cause your intestinal disorders,