Many people go into the nursing profession with the intention of helping others and making a difference in the world. It’s a field where you’re directly working with patients, providing care and compassion along with your health-care abilities. As a nurse, you are the go-to person that the patient works with, so people-skills are a must. It’s an ideal career for anyone who really wants to touch the lives of others, while enjoying a job that’s constantly active and challenging.

But how do you go about finding a nursing job, especially in a city as densely packed with job-seekers as London? Luckily, there are so many hospitals and clinics in need of nurses that your job search will be filled with possibilities. So follow these tips for finding nursing jobs in London:

Flexibility is key

If you’re stuck on working in just one particular area, you’re going to find it harder to find a job. You might know that you want to work in pediatrics, but don’t turn your nose up at work in gynecology or orthopedics, as this could be an opportunity to learn about a new field. You can always go back and work in your most desired field when an opportunity comes up later. The most important thing is getting a job so you can start working and getting experience. Being flexible also helps you really feel into the areas that you prefer and don’t prefer.

Get connected

Wherever you do your nursing school and/or residency, make sure that you’re networking and making connections with people who can help you find a job later on. These connections are not ones that you want to lose just because school or residency is over. Get out of your comfort zone to connect with floor managers. You want the people in charge to remember you, and your interest and dedication to working at the clinic. During your residency rotations, introduce yourself to the floor manager and tell them how much you’ve appreciated the experience here. Make a point to say hello and make sure they remember your face and name. You’ll be the one to pop into mind when a job opening comes up.

Be professional

As important as connections are to finding a job, you still need to present yourself professionally in order to be considered for a position. Write a thoughtful cover letter in a legible font, and provide a clear and detailed resume to your potential employers. The easier you can make it for the hiring manager to take in your details, the better! No tiny fonts or pages going on and on about all the clubs you joined in high school. Keep it to your important, relevant experiences.