First, ask yourself these questions

Are you part of the 60% ​​of women feel pressure regarding their weight? Are you among the 73% of women who want to lose weight? Are you part of the 37% of women who feel the anxiety when they think about their weight? Are you sad when you look in the mirror? Is not it time it stops?

Regimes: the trash!

Can you name a single person in your life who followed a strict diet and has kept its size after diet?The answer is probably “no”, since it has been shown that these diets are not sustainable private long term.

Fat storage

When you follow a diet suite, the perverse effect that the body is deprived of food for a specified time, then store supplies when you resume eating normally. He was hungry, he was denied, he does not want it happening to him! Result: it is much more difficult to lose weight when you start the round of yo-yo dieting.

Deprivation of life

Very few people stand to life the urge to eat foods they love. For example, would you agree to never eat pasta, bread, potatoes or rice, simply because they are known to feed? It is obvious that people who follow this type of plan private, without adopting healthy eating habits, crack eventually resume and lost weight.


Of long-term changes

The diet solution is very simple and can be summed up in one word: balance. The balance is it also not what we aspire in all spheres of our life? Why not adopt in our food! Start by finding your weak points, why you think you are overweight: too much sugar, too much fat, too much food on your plate, too many soft drinks, not enough exercise, not enough fruits and vegetables.

In this classification, there are plenty of “too much” and “not enough”. To arrive at a balance, ask yourself this question: “What will I eat there good to my body? Is this a gift that I do? ” If you learn to love and to love him too, you may be more likely to want to give him vegetables dips rather than a big bag of chips. And you will surely cry as well when you feed less well (more heartburn, diarrhea, bloating intense). Do not do it in the context of weight loss, but a better life. Weight loss should follow. When you eat healthy foods, think of all the good that you’re you. Imagine the circuit are vegetables, fruits, fish to get into your body and feed it. You do good in every bite. This is not nothing! Same for exercise: whatever activity you choose to move, your body will never look better.

You are what you are

Whatever the shape or weight that you have, you are what you are. There are some women who will never be thin, no matter what mode of life they adopt, and which would also perhaps less attractive if they were. They are like that. There are all kinds of body shapes and it is in diversity that is the beauty. Are you healthy? That’s all that matters. One last question: do you like least your best friend because it is round? Do you like it more because it is thin? The answer is probably not. Why should it be different for all those who love you? Would they like you more if you were thinner, less fat? If the answer is yes, it is perhaps worth asking yourself questions.