Over the years, the skin of the face and body tends to gradually lose tone and elasticity, with the result that the contours and volumes, particularly of the face, neck, arms and inner thighs, buttocks, are no longer defined and there is a failure of the support structure. Today, cosmetic medicine offers minimally invasive solutions, with faster recovery times, and costs, to help you get excellent results without resorting to surgery.

One example is the Lift Tonic, an innovative outpatient treatment that uses the wires Pdo, already used in surgery for many years. Their characteristic is to promote the skin bio stimulation for the production of collagen and provide support for the fabrics with effect “lifting”. The introduction of these wires is through thin needles and, thanks to a drop of local anesthetic, even the slight discomfort of punctures is reduced to zero. An elementary mechanical system allows the needle, once penetrated into the skin, to deposit the thread through the fabric.

wires antigravity

The method is quick and simple, and the great advantage is that the patient can return to their normal activities immediately. A few small bruises and a slight soreness are the only side effects of the post-treatment whose effectiveness can be seen after two to three weeks. During this period, in fact, the Pdo starts to do its job and the patient will see, day after day, the improvements of their skin tone and firmness with respect.

After this period of adjustment, the patient should return for a check-up and if you need to correct other zones with the planting of new wires or, if the situation so requires, are associated with other strategies of aesthetic medicine (filler, Botox or laser) to give uniformity and harmony to the body.

Much loved by men, the Tonic Lift is one of the most requested treatments in the last few days. It should be noted that this method is not definitive: the average time of resorption of Pdo is approximately six months, but the results are visible for a longer time as the effect is not only related to the residence time in the tissues, but the endogenous stimulation of collagen generated by the wires.