Stitches in time to breathe … Some describe them as needle sticks in the chest; it is small bumps, that’s what many say: as direct pinching in the heart that suddenly appear and finish that keep us breathing. What is due? Is it a symptom of something more serious? The first thing certainly is not shy and calm. Then he must be attentive to the evolution of pain. But we must relax, most often times due to stress or anxiety.

punctures in the heart

First, we must say that this is a common phenomenon that everyone can feel at least once in life, but nevertheless, can not be eliminated so quickly. Doctors tell us that every time we suffer these phenomena should follow certain rules. Let’s learn a little more about the punctures in the heart and their meanings. 

  • Sit down and try to calm down.
  • Aware that this is something temporary and will disappear in a few moments.
  • You have to relax and try to breathe relaxed manner, taking air through the mouth slowly.
  • Try to take your pulse, and if you notice that is accelerated and that this feeling is accompanied by rapid breathing and pain that goes from the elbow to the arms, asking for help.

But we insist again on the fact that almost always about something temporary, and that in 70% of cases are due to moments of accumulated stress or anxiety.

Anxiety or stress

It is the first cause and should be deleted, since punctures chest are certainly a symptom that should be taken seriously. Even, we must explain something that probably do not know: Symptoms of stress or anxiety can not always be identified in a stressful situation.

This means that you may, if you have a job that produces restlessness and anxiety, the person is devoted to their tasks very effectively throughout the day. However, upon arriving home arise headaches, nausea … or worse, it is significant that many symptoms as blockages appear the next day, when getting dressed to go to work.

Experts say that the highest rate of stroke or problems during holiday periods or on weekends. These are times when one tries to relax, and where the body is not able to. The cortisol level is very high and the most obvious symptoms arise. Hence the appearance of punctures in the heart , for example, manifested in the most unlikely moments: sitting for dinner, watching TV, or talking to someone, you begin to feel that lack air to breathe. Should take note of the reasons why these punctures appear on the chest:

  • Because of the muscular tension in the body.This is so high that, suddenly, a problem arises and is not able to breathe properly.
  • Because of the autonomic hyper arousal (nausea, rapid heartbeat, sweating, tachypnea, which makes us breathe more intensively and causing punctures).

Have you ever felt punctures in the chest ? How have you solved the problem? Remember that although this is a guide for do not worry, it is always best to consult your doctor.